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Appendicitis – Jyotish Tutorial

Appendicitis is the inflammation of the vermiform appendix. The seat of this disease is Kanya rasi. Sixth house also governs the same. Moon is karaka for this disease. Sun being ruler of abdomen is also ruler of all diseases concerning abdomen. Affliction of Kanya rasi, sixth house, lord of sixth house, Sun and Moon and their relation with any disease inflicting house or planet, or affliction of Kanya rasi, sixth house, lord of sixth house and Sun by afflicted and malefic Moon or any relation of lord of sixth house and Sun with afflicted and malefic Moon in an evil house give rise to appendicitis. When Rahu or Mars joins or afflicts them, it causes severe attack of appendicitis.

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Some of the com

binations for this disease are given below :—

  • When eighth house is afflicted by Rahu or Mars and Moon is also afflicted.
  • If two strong malefics are on both sides of the sixth house.
  • Moon in Kanya or Brischika Rasi afflicted by malefics and when sixth house is also afflicted.
  • Sun in Simha rasi afflicted by Mars, Rahu or Saturn by conjunction or aspect, and Moon or sixth house afflicted.
  • When a malefic together with Moon be in Kanya rasi and sixth house is also afflicted.
  • If sixth house be Meena Rasi with Jupiter there being afflicted and Moon also be afflicted.
  • Saturn in Kanya or Meena Rasi being in sixth house and Moon afflicted.
  • If Brischika be the sixth house with Rahu there and Moon also be afflicted.
  • If sixth house be Mithuna or Kanya Rasi, Mars be there, and Moon also be afflicted.
  • Malefic Moon in Kanya Rasi conjoined with or aspected by Rahu or Mars.

Example No, 42.

Lagna—Tula ; Rahu in Brisha ; Jupiter R in Simha ; Moon in Kanya; Ketu in Brischika ; Mars in Makara ; Sun, Saturn, Venus and Mercury in Meena.

The reasons for the disease are :—

  • Sixth house is afflicted by malefics and also by lord of eighth house.
  • Kanya rasi is afflicted and karaka Moon is there afflicted and is also aspected by sixth lord.
  • Sun, another karaka, is in a sensitive rasi being afflicted. Further he is in sixth house with lords of eighth and twelfth houses.
  • Rahu is in eighth house, while Moon is afflicted.
  • Saturn is in Meena rasi, while sixth house is also afflicted.
  • Lord of lagna is in sixth house, while Moon is in twelfth house, and they are aspecting each other.

The person suffered from appendicitis for a long time and underwent an operation.

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Appendicitis Diseases – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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