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Balarishtas of the planets

Balarishtas of the Planets – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt  

The Sun’s exaltation sign is Aries, the arcendant of the natural Zodiac. The Maraka sthana to this house is the 12th house from Aries. Thus the 12th house is the Balarishta position to the Sun.

The Mcon’s exaltation sign is Taurus. Its Maraka sthana is Scorpio which is the 8th bhava from Aries arcendant. So 8th house position to the Moon is the Balarishta.

Mars’s  exaltation sign is Capricorn. Its 12th house is Sagittarius, the 9th house from Aries. This house position is benefic to Mars. The 2nd Maraka Sthana from Capricorn is Aquarius which is 11th house from Aries an Upachaya. Upachaya position to the natural malefic Mars is a benefic place. The 7th Maraka Sthana to Capricorn is Cancer the 4th house from Aries; Cancer is Mother’s house to Mars. It means a place of defense and safety. So 2, 7, 12th Maraka Sthanas from Capricorn are proved benefic positions to Mars. From lagna Aries, the 7th house Libra is the strongest Maraka Sthana. Therefore the 7th house position to Mars is his Balarishta.

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Mercury’s exaltation sign is Leo. Its 12th Maraka Sthana is Cancer, the 4th sign from Aries. As such the 4th house position of Mercury is his Balarishta Sthana (Kendra positions to natural benefices are benefic but the 4th house is Maraka Sthana to Gemini the house of Mercury).

Jupiter’s exaltation sign is Cancer. Its 12th Maraka house the 3rd from Aries is Gemini. Therefore Balarishta position to Jupiter is the 3rd house from lagna.

Venus’ exaltation sign is Pisces. Its 7th Maraka Sthana is Virgo the 6th sign from Aries. So Venus’ Balarishta position is the 6th house from lagna.

Saturn’s exaltation sign is Libra. Its 7th Maraka Sthana is Aries the first house from lagna, So Saturn’s position in lagna is his Balarishta Sthana.



It is said that Rahu’s Balarishta position is the 9th house from lagna. It is doubtful how the 9th Kona house position to Rahu is Malefic Rahu’s exaltation sign is Taurus. Its 7th Maraka Sthana is is Scorpio the 8th house from Aries,  2nd Maraka Sthana is Gemini, 3rd house  from Aries As Upachaya it is a benefic position. 12th Maraka Sthana is Aries the lagna bhava. As such Rahu in lagna or 8th house position must be the Balaristha position to Rahu. We must observe and come to conclusion after examining Balarishta horoscoepes. Kethu’s exaitation sign is Scorpio. Its 7th Maraka Sthana is Taurus the 2nd house from Aries. 2nd Maraka Sthana is Sagittarius the Kona house from Aries. So it is a benefic house 12th Maraka Sthana is Libra the 7th Maraka house from Aries. So, 7th house or 2nd house position of Kethu must be the Balaristha Sthanan to Kethu. After observing Balaristha Horoscopes we can come to a conclusion finally. The dicta are Sanivad Rahu and Kujavad Kethu. As such Rahu in Lagna and Kethu in the 7th house are Balarishta positions to them.

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Balarishtas of the Planets – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt  

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