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Wednesday , May 22 2024
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Blood, Bones and Limbs – Anaemia – Jyotish Tutorial


Anemia is reduction of the amount of blood as a whole or of its corpuscles, or of certain of its constituents. Watery signs, namely, Karkata, Brischika and Meena rasis, rule the blood. Fourth, eighth and twelfth houses also rule the same. Mars is karaka for same. When watery signs, fourth, eighth and twelfth houses, lords of these houses and Mars are weak, afflicted, badly situated etc. or when these houses and planets are conjoined with evil lords, anemia may come into presence. When any disease inflicting planet or house is related with them, they may produce diseases connecting anemia.

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Blood, Bones and Limbs – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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