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Brains and Nerves Insanity – Jyotish Tutorial

Sun rules over general health and lagna rules over head. Moon rules over our mind and mental structure. Fifth house and Jupiter control, our intelligence and Mercury controls our nerve system. Affliction to these  houses and planets causes insanity, mental disorder, weak thinking power, loss of Memory etc. When Moon, mercury and lagna are afflicted, we say the person possesses a weak head, weak mental structure and weak nerve system. Under such conditions it is quite likely that one will suffer from insanity or mental diseases. Weak brain, weak mind, weak power of thinking, weak nerve system, all these work towards mental disorder. Mesha rasi  is the first house of the natural zodiac and hence it also rules over the head. Affliction to this house is bad for the head and brain. Rahu works for long sufferings and Jupiter works for recovery. When the above houses and karaka planets become afflicted by Rahu, it suggests long-time diseases and little chance of recovery. Influence of Jupiter suggests recovery, provided such Jupiter is a benefic from the lagna, Sun, Moon etc,—particularly from lagna. Sixth house and Kanya rasi rule over diseases and affliction of the houses and planets concerning head, brain etc by sixth house, sixth lord, Kanya rasi etc are capable of producing the diseases concerning the house in question.

There are many combinations for insanity and mental diseases given in standard books on astrology. I am however giving below some of the combinations for the same. Of course, while applying these, one should consider whether the combining planets are benefics or malefics for the lagna and whether they have any relation with the disease-inflicting houses and planets.

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The combinations are :—
  • Sun in lagna and Mars in seventh house.
  • Saturn in lagna and Mars in fifth, seventh or ninth house.
  • Lagna in initial portion of Dhanu rasi, Sun and Moon in kendra and Jupiter either in third house or in kendra.
  • Weak Moon with Saturn in twelfth house.
  • Jupiter in lagna and Mars or Saturn in the seventh house.
  • Moon and Saturn in one house aspected by Mars.
  • Moon strongly aspected by powerful Saturn or Rahu.
  • Mars in the fourth house afflicted by Saturn.
  • Saturn in the fourth house afflicted by Mars.
  • Saturn in the fourth house with Rahu or Ketu.
  • Moon conjoined with malefic and Rahu in fifth, eighth or twelfth house.
  • Afflicted Mercury and Moon in kendra without being in benefic navamsa.
  • Saturn, Moon and Mars in kendra.
  • Sixth lord and Saturn in lagna.
  • Mars in sixth or eighth house aspected by or conjoined with powerful Mercury.
  • Mercury conjoined with malefic in third, sixth, eighth or twelfth house.
  • Mars in third house afflicted by malefic.
  • For Kanya or Meena lagna, Saturn or Rahu in Kanya, especially in first part.

Example No, 2.

Lagna—Brischika ; Jupiter in Brisha ; Ketu in Mithuna ; Saturn R in Karkata ; Mars in Kanya ; Rahu in Dhanu ; Venus in Makara ; Sun, Moon and Mercury in Meena

 In this horoscope we find :—

  • Weak Moon ( very close to new-moon ) is in fifth house conjoined with malefic Sun and Mercury and is aspected by, sixth lord Mars from Kanya rasi and is devoid of any benefic aspect. Moreover Mercury is lord of eighth house, who is afflicting Moon.
  • Sun is afflicted by malefic Mars and Mercury, lords of sixth and eighth houses respectively.
  • Mercury is debilitated and is afflicted by sixth lord Mars. More over it is within 1° of Sun and hence is defeated in planetary war.
  • Kanya and Meena rasis, both the sensitive signs, are afflicted.
  • Mesha rasi is afflicted by aspect of Saturn and Rahu, and lord Mars is in sixth house therefrom.
  • Lord of lagna is aspected by malefics Saturn and Mercury. Further he is lord of sixth house and is in Kanya rasi.
  • Fifth houses from lagna, Sun and Moon are afflicted.

Thus we find Sun, Moon, Mercury, lord of lagna, Mesha rasi and fifth house, all are afflicted. Lagna is however not afflicted, and rather well aspected by strong benefic Jupiter. The person has been  attacked from insanity in Venus dasa in antardasa of Mercury. Venus is malefic from lagna, Sun and Moon, and is afflicted by malefics. In Venus dasa during antardasa of Saturn, Venus gives her own result and strangely enough the Jataka contacted bad women and was attacked from venereal disease in Saturn antardasa in dasa of Venus, and this resulted into insanity in antardasa of Mercury. In this horoscope Venus being lord of seventh house and twelfth house from lagna and lord of eighth house from Sun and Moon, is strong malefic. Further she is heavily afflicted by aspect of Saturn and Rahu. All these justify the contact with bad women and attack of venereal disease.

Mercury is lord of eighth house and is in mutual aspect with sixth lord and lagna-lord Mars which suggest ill-ness in Mercury antardasa, as sixth lord Mars is capable of giving result in Mercury antardasa. Mercury and Mars are also connected with Sun, Moon, first house and fifth house. All these justify the attack of insanity during Mercury antardasa. As the lagna is quite fortified and Jupiter is free from affliction, he has not lost his memory and health and sometimes behaves like a normal man.

Example No, 3.

Lagna—Kanya; Rahu and Saturn in Kanya ; Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in Tula ; Venus in Brischika ; Mars in Makara ; Ketu in Meena.

This is another case of insanity.
In this horoscope, we find :—

  • Weak Moon is conjoined with malefics, Sun and Mercury. Jupiter being lord of kendra is a malefic for this horoscope and his conjunction could not nullify the affliction.
  • Weak Moon is conjoined with malefic and Rahu is in twelfth house from Moon [ see combinations ].
  • Saturn is in lagna and Mars is in fifth house [see combinations].
  • Kanya is lagna and Saturn and Rahu are there [see combinations].
  • Mars, lord of eighth house, is in fifth house and is aspected by Rahu.
  • Lord of fifth house, that is, Saturn is in Kanya rasi with Rahu.
  • Sun is debilitated, is conjoined with malefics, and is aspected by Rahu.
  • Mercury is afflicted by conjunction with Sun and is aspected by Rahu.
  • Sixth lord Saturn is in lagna and Jupiter sixth lord from Sun and Moon, is with Sun and Moon.
  • Sixth house is hemmed between Mars and Ketu.
  • Lagna and all the planets, being in between Ketu and Rahu, have formed Kala-sarpa yoga.                                                                                                                     Click Here
  • Mesha rasi is aspected by malefics.
  • Jupiter is conjoined with malefics. Further, he is malefic from lagna, Sun and Moon.
  • Sixth house from Sun and Moon is afflicted.

So we find many combinations are present in this horoscope to produce insanity. Further, lagna, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, all are afflicted and lagna in particular is heavily afflicted, She was attacked from insanity as soon as Saturn crossed Kanya rasi in transit and entered Tula rasi virtually afflicting lagna, Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter ; and Rahu was also at that time in Makara rasi, thus afflicting fifth and sixth houses and lagna. Before the attack from insanity, her uterus was operated. She was suffering from tumours in uterus and from menstrual troubles.

Brains and Nerves Insanity – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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