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Cancer—Jyotish Tutorial

Cancer is a disease which is increasing nowadays very much and is said to be almost incurable. It is said to be a malignant tumour eating the part it is in, spreading indefinitely. Rahu is responsible for all malignant growth. When a malignant strong Rahu aspects a house or otherwise afflicts the same and if the said house or its lord or karaka be in any way related with the disease inflicting house or planet the malignant growth in that part of the body ruled by the house or planet is likely. Lords of dusthanas are also responsible for this disease. When a house is afflicted by most of the malefics and evil lords, particularly by Saturn, Rahu or Mars, cancer may appear in that part of the body ruled by the house afflicted or in the part ruled by the planet afflicted. In case of cancer, if the house ruling the affected part of the body is found not afflicted by other malefics, it will be seen lagna, lord of lagna and karaka planets are heavily afflicted, and the house ruling the part of the body from Sun or Moon will be found heavily afflicted. When sixth lord joins lagna, eighth or tenth house and malefic Rahu afflicts a house keeping some relation with above houses or house lords, cancer will come into presence in that part of the body ruled by the afflicted house or planet. Some times planet afflicting or causing disease, gives rise to disease of its own character.                                                                                                                                Click Here  


Planets rule different parts of the body and when they are malefics and afflicted, they are capable of giving rise to cancer in that part of the body ruled by them and they are as follows :—

Sun produces cancer in stomach, bowels, bead etc.

Moon produces cancer of blood, breast etc.

Mars produces cancer of blood, marrow, genitals, uterus, neck etc.

Mercury produces cancer of nose, navel, mouth etc.

Jupiter produces cancer of liver, ear, tongue, thighs etc.

Venus produces cancer of throat, genital organs etc.

Saturn produces cancer in legs, hands, places around teeth etc.

Example No, 71.

LagnaDhanu; Jupiter in Brisha ; Moon and Rahu in Simha ; Venus and Mercury in Brischika ; Sun in Dhanu ; Mars in Makara ; Saturn and Ketu in Kumbha.

This is a case of cancer. The person was attacked by cancer of the caccum and died from the same.


The reasons for the disease are :—

  • Rahu, being highly malefic, is aspecting lagna, Sun and fifth house. Further it is afflicting Simha rasi. Rahu, being aspected by Mars and Saturn and being conjoined with eighth lord, is highly malefic and is indicator of death.
  • Simha rasi is afflicted by Mars, Saturn and Rahu, and is also conjoined with lord of eighth house, Fifth house is also aspected by Mars, Saturn and Rahu. Fifth lord is hemmed between malefics. Fifth houses from Sun and Moon are also afflicted, and particularly by Rahu.
  • Jupiter, lord of lagna, is in dusthana.
  • Moon is afflicted by Rahu, Mars and Saturn.
  • Sun is afflicted by Rahu.

Thus we find fifth houses from lagna, Sun and Moon, and Simha rasi and Sun, all are afflicted, and particularly by Rahu and are capable of producing disease. Affliction of Rahu on the above houses and over Sun suggests cancer in the caccum.

Example No, 72.

LagnaKarkata ; Mars in Mesha ; Jupiter in Mithuna ; Sun and Venus in Simha ; Mercury and Ketu in Kumbha ; Saturn in Tula ; Moon in Dhanu ; Rahu in Meena.

This is a case of cancer in throat.


The reasons for the same are :—

  • Rahu is aspecting third house ruling throat, and lagna. It is further aspecting third lord. Rahu is a disease-inflicting planet, being in a sensitive sign Meena rasi.
  • Kanya rasi, third house, is a sensitive sign and is conjoined with Ketu. Third lord is also conjoined with Ketu. Mithuna rasi ruling throat is conjoined with sixth lord.
  • Third houses from Sun and Moon, and lords thereof are afflicted.
  • Lagna is afflicted by Saturn, Mars and Rahu. Lord of lagna is in sixth house aspected by sixth lord.
  • Venus, karaka for throat diseases, is afflicted, and is malefic from lagna, Sun and Moon.                                                                                                                                                                          Click Here  

Cancer zodiac label

Thus we find third houses from lagna, Sun and Moon, their lords, Mithuna rasi and karaka planets are afflicted and are capable of producing disease like cancer in throat.

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