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Deafness and Ear Diseases – Jyotish Tutorial

The second and third houses rule the ears. The second house rules the outer part of the ear and third house rules the inner portion. Jupiter is karaka for all troubles and diseases concerning ears. Again, second and third houses rule the right ear, while twelfth and eleventh houses rule the left one. In the natural zodiac, Brisha and Mithuna rasis rule over the right ear, and Meena and Kumbha rasis rule over the left ear. Saturn has also a role in causing deafness. When the above houses, their lords and karaka planets ruling ears be afflicted and be in any way related with the disease inflicting planet or house, they produce trouble and disease in the ears. Afflicted or malefic Mars in the houses ruling ears or affliction of the houses ruling ears by aspect of malefic  Mars give rise to tumours in the ears. As ears are the organs of hearing, the airy houses Mithuna, Tula and Kumbha rasis have also some thing to do in the matter of hearing and ear diseases. Jupiter is karaka for both tongue and ears and affliction of Jupiter together with second house and other houses and planets ruling tongue and ears give rise to both dumbness and deafness. When strong malefics pass through these houses in transit or afflict them by aspects, they give rise to pains and diseases connecting tongue and ears.

Deafness and Ear Diseases

Deafness and Ear Diseases

I am giving below some of the combinations for diseases connecting ears :—

  • Mars or Rahu with malefic in third house.
  • Venus and Mars, afflicted in second and twelfth houses,.
  • A Malefic in third house aspected by another malefic.
  • Third lord in any house heavily afflicted.
  • malefics  in third, fifth, ninth and eleventh houses without benefic  aspect.
  • Moon in the seventh house with a malefic devoid of benefic aspect and second or third house afflicted.
  • Having born at night with Mercury in sixth house and Venus in tenth house, the auditory sense of the right ear is lost to the Jataka who also hears through difficulty.
  • Seventh lord in lagna together with Mars, and second or third house afflicted.
  • Second lord in lagna with Mars or Saturn.                                                                                                                            Click Here  

lagna—Makara ; Ketu in Simha ; Mars and Saturn in Kanya ; Venus in Tula ; Sun in Brischika ; Mercury in Dhanu ; Moon and Rahu in Kumbha ; Jupiter in Meena.

This is a case of deaf and dumb. The reasons are :—

  • Second and third houses are afflicted by malefic conjunction and aspect. Twelfth and eleventh houses are also afflicted.
  • Second and third lords are afflicted by malefic conjunction and aspect. Twelfth and eleventh lords are also afflicted.
  • Jupiter is afflicted by aspects of Mars, Saturn and Rahu.
  • Second, third and eleventh houses from Moon are afflicted. And also lords of second, third, eleventh and twelfth houses are afflicted.
  • Second, eleventh and twelfth houses from Sun are afflicted. Lords of second, third, eleventh and twelfth houses are also afflicted.
  • All the airy houses are afflicted.
  • Mithuna and Kumbha rasis together with Brisha and Meena rasis are afflicted.
  • Saturn, a karaka for hearing, is afflicted and is in a sensitive sign.

Thus we find the factors ruling the ears are afflicted in this horoscope and are capable of giving rise to deafness. The houses and planets ruling tongue are also afflicted in this horoscope suggesting dumbness.

Deafness and Ear Diseases – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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