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Diseases Concerning Bowels and Intestines – Jyotish Tutorial

There are many kinds of diseases concerning the bowels. The portion below the stomach is known as bowels. Kanya rasi is the seat of same in natural zodiac where from diseases concerning the bowels are to be judged. The sixth house governs the same. Sun is Karaka for bowels. Ketu causes all pains in bowels. While judging the diseases of bowels, the position of Simha rasi and fifth house are also to be considered, as both the places are linked with diseases connecting abdomen. Peptic, gestric, duodenial ulcers, tuberculosis of bowels etc are the various kinds of diseases concerning bowels. While judging ulcers in bowels, position of Mercury and Mars are to be taken into consideration. Affliction of Simha rasi, Kanya rasi, fifth and sixth houses, their lords and Sun, and affliction of Mars and Mercury and their relation with disease inflicting house or planet give rise to ulcers in bowels. When afflicted Mars and Mercury afflict or join above houses and planets ruling bowels and be in any way related with disease inflicting house or planet by conjunction, situation etc, they also give rise to similar diseases. When Rahu joins the above combinations, it gives rise to irrecoverable ulcers in bowels. Conjunction or affliction of the above combinations by Saturn or Ketu causes pains in bowels.

Diseases of Biles

Diseases Concerning Bowels and Intestines

Gastritis is the result of disturbed digestion, abuse of alcohol etc. Symptoms are uncomfortable feeling in abdomen, headache, depression, nausea, eructations, vomiting, pains etc. Venus is karaka for digestion and her strength and position is an important factor while considering this disease. Affliction of Simha and Kanya rasis, fifth and sixth houses, their lords, karaka Sun and Venus and some relation of them with disease inflicting planet or house will give rise to gastritis. While afflicted and malefic Venus afflicts the houses and planets ruling this disease from a disease inflicting house or being conjoined with a disease inflicting planet, she is capable of producing similar disease. When Ketu or Saturn joins the same or afflicts the same; it causes pain.

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While judging tuberculosis of bowels, position of Rahu and Ketu should be considered. When Rahu or Ketu afflicts the houses and planets ruling bowels and be in any way related with dusthana or with disease inflicting house or planet, it may give rise to tuberculosis of bowels. The combinations for tuberculosis have been discussed already and any combination making any relation with combination for bowels trouble may produce tubercular diseases of bowels. There are many kinds of tubercular infections concerning the fifth and sixth houses. Tuberculosis may be of intestines, liver, kidney, uterus etc. When the respective karaka planet ruling the above parts of the body be afflicted along with the houses and planets ruling the same and a combination for tuberculosis is present, they may produce tuberculosis of that part of the body ruled by the karaka planets, houses etc.

Womb is also to be judged from sixth house and Kanya rasi. Karaka for the same is Sun. Pain in the womb is caused by situation of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in sixth house or in Kanya rasi or by their malefic aspects. When malefic Saturn, Rahu or Ketu passes through these houses or over Sun in transit it may produce pain in bowels, provided an affliction of the houses and planets ruling bowels is present in natal chart.
I am giving below some of the combinations for bowels disorder and diseases connecting the same :—

  • Saturn in the sixth house or with Moon, Sun or lagna causes diseases connecting stomach and bowels from over eating or insufficient eating or irregular eating.
  • When Mars is in lagna and sixth lord is weak, they cause indigestion.
  • Afflicted Moon in Kanya rasi produces bowels irregularities, indigestion and disturbed intestinal function.
  • Moon in the sixth house causes indigestion.
  • When eighth lord is weak, lagna is aspected by malefic and eighth house is aspected or occupied by Saturn, they produce indigestion, inability to take food etc.
  • Saturn and Moon in eighth house cause food poisoning.
  • Malefic Rahu in lagna or dusthana causes disease of appetite.
  • Saturn in lagna in opposition to Jupiter causes windy diseases.
  • Moon and malefic in sixth house aspected by another malefic cause similar disease.
  • Mercury in seventh house conjoined with and aspected by malefics produces similar diseases.
  • Saturn in lagna causes constipation.
  • Rahu or a malefic in lagna and Saturn in eighth house cause bowels diseases.
  • When lord of lagna is with lords of second and fourth houses, it causes indigestion, cholera and other stomach diseases.
  • Sun in lagna or lagna navamsa and waning Moon, Mercury and Rahu in Simha rasi cause stomach diseases.
  • Mars in his own house and lord of lagna in lagna with lord of sixth house produce stomach diseases.
  • Malefic in sixth house and sixth lord in seventh house with malefic give rise to similar diseases.
  • Malefic in fifth house, lord of fourth house in sixth house with a malefic and afflicted lord of lagna in lagna cause similar diseases.
  • Rahu and Mercury in lagna in opposition to Saturn and Mars cause diarrhea.
  • Moon and Venus in eighth house cause diarrhea.
  • Mars, Saturn and Rahu in one house cause diarrhoea.
  • Venus with a malefic in seventh house causes dysentery.
  • Mars and Venus in eighth house cause dysentery.
  • Rahu and Saturn in second house or lagna navamsa cause dysentery.
  • If lord of lagna be in Meena navamsa afflicted by malefic, it causes dysentery and diseases from water.
  • Moon in between malefics, and Sun in Makara rasi cause internal abscess.
  • Moon in between malefics and Saturn in seventh house cause similar disease.
  • If, Rahu or Ketu be in lagna with malefic sixth lord or be in eighth or tenth house and sixth house be afflicted, they produce cancer in abdomen.
  • If there be any affliction in. Kanya rasi by Saturn or Rahu, particularly when Kanya is lagna, it suggests tuberculosis of bowels.
  • If Mars be in a common navamsa of Kanya, inflammatory tuberculosis of bowels is suggested.
  • Moon and Mars in sixth house cause jaundice and vomiting.

Example No, 33.

Lagna—Karkata s Rahu and Mercury in Mithuna ; Sun and Moon is Karkata ; Mars and Venus in Simha ; Saturn in Brischika I Ketu in Dhanu ; Jupiter In Meena.

The person is suffering from a worst type of pain in abdomen.
The reasons for the same are :—

  • Ketu is in sixth house of lagna, Sun and Moon.
  • Saturn is in fifth house in mutual aspect with Mars and is further aspected by sixth lord.
  • Simha rasi is conjoined with Mars and is aspected by Saturn.
  • Sun, karaka, is with malefic Moon and is also hemmed between malefics Mars and Rahu. Rahu is also afflicting Sun by its aspect.
  • Jupiter, lord of sixth house is aspected by malefic Mars.
  • Mercury is in dusthana with Rahu.

Thus we find many factors are present in this horoscope to give rise to bowels diseases. Ketu’s situation in the ,sixth house not only gives rise to pain but also brings sufferance from unknown causes. Situation of Moon and Sun in Karkata rasi being afflicted is not a happy combination.

Example No, 34.

Lagna–Karkata ; Rahu in Mesha ; Mars in Brisha ; Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Mithuna ; Venus in Simha ; Ketu in Tula ; Saturn and Moon in Dhanu.

This is a horoscope of a female, who suffered from cancer in abdomen and ultimately died from the same.
The reasons for the disease are :—

  • Saturn in sixth house with Moon.
  • Moon and a malefic in sixth house aspected by malefics.
    Sixth house and lord of lagna are afflicted by aspect of Rahu, Mars, Sun, lord of evil houses and are also conjoined with eighth lord Saturn.
  • Fifth house is hemmed between malefics. Fifth lord Mars is also hemmed between malefics.
  • Kanya and Simha rasis are afflicted by malefic aspects.
  • Sixth lord Jupiter is afflicted by conjunction and aspect of malefics.
  • Sun, karaka is in dusthana conjoined with evil lords and is aspected by eighth lord Saturn from sixth house.
  • Fifth and sixth houses from Moon are afflicted. Their lords are also afflicted.
  • Fifth house from Sun and lord of the house are also afflicted. Sixth house from Sun and lord of the house, both are hemmed between malefics.

Thus we find all the factors ruling stomach and bowels are afflicted in this horoscope suggesting serious illness concerning the above places. Affliction of sixth house and lord of lagna by all the malefics and also by lords of dusthanas justify death from disease like cancer of intestines.

Example No, 35.

Lagna—Dhanu ; Ketu in Mesha ; Jupiter in Karkata ; Saturn in Simha ; Rahu and Mars in Tula ; Moon in Dhanu ; Sun and Venus in Kumbha ; Mercury in Meena.

This is a case of duodenial ulcer.
The reasons for the same are :—

  • Simha rasi is afflicted by conjunction of Saturn.
  • Kanya rasi is hemmed between malefics.
  • Ketu is in the fifth house from lagna and Moon.
  • Sixth house from lagna and Moon, which is Brisha, is afflicted by aspect of Saturn.
  • Lords of the fifth and sixth houses from lagna and Moon are afflicted by Rahu and Saturn.
  • Sun, karaka, is afflicted by Rahu and Saturn ; Mercury another karaka, is debilitated and hemmed between malefics. Mars, who is also a karaka, is afflicted.
  • Fifth house from Sun is afflicted. Fifth lord is hemmed between malefics.

Thus we find all causes to give rise to duodenial ulcer are present in this horoscope.                                                                                      Click Here  

Diseases Concerning Bowels and Intestines  – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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