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Diseases Concerning Gall Bladder – Jyotish Tutorial

Gall bladder may be attacked from the diseases of inflammation, cancer, stones etc. The root causes of the diseases of gall bladder are to be found out from sixth house. Kanya rasi is the seat of the same in natural zodiac. Sun is karaka for all diseases concerning bowels and Mercury rules over the diseases of gall bladder. When Kanya rasi, sixth house, lord of sixth house, Sun, Mercury etc be afflicted, be connected with evil houses and evil lords, or when the houses ruling gall bladder and karaka Sun be afflicted by a malefic Mercury and be in any way related with the disease inflicting house or planet, they produce diseases in gall bladder. Saturn is karaka for all stones. When malefic Saturn afflicts them or makes some relation with them, it causes stone in gall bladder. Mars is responsible for inflammation. When malefic Mars joins the combinations of disease of gall bladder or afflicts them, he produces inflammation of gall bladder. When the combinations for gall bladder diseases are heavily afflicted by malefics Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars etc and lagna be also afflicted, they give rise to cancer of bladder.


Example No, 41.

Lagna — Brischika ; Moon in Mesha ; Venus and Rahu in Kanya ; Sun and Mercury in Tula ; Mars in Dhanu ; Saturn in Makara ; Jupiter in Kumbha ; Ketu in Meena.

This is a case of stones in gall bladder.
The reasons for the disease are:–

  • Kanya rasi is afflicted by Rahu.
  • Sixth house is aspected by malefics. Sixth houses from Sun and Moon are also afflicted.
  • Lord of sixth house from Moon is afflicted by malefics. Lord of sixth house from Sun is hemmed between malefics.
  • Sun and Mercury, karakas, are aspected by malefics Rahu and Saturn. Further they are in dusthana and are also afflicting sixth house.
  • Saturn, karaka for stones, is aspected by Rahu from Kanya rasi.
  • Lagna is hemmed between malefics.

Thus we find the factors ruling gall bladder are afflicted in this horoscope and both the karakas ruling bowels and gill bladder are powerfully aspected by malefic and afflicted Saturn, which is karaka for stones. Rahu’s affliction over the same and situation in Kanya rasi suggest lingering and painful disease.

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Diseases Concerning Gall Bladder – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt


  1. Saturn is karaka for stones…so if one is suffering from gall bladder stone and doesn’t have birth derials,can one do Dan karma to make the malefic effects of Saturn positive and get relief .

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