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Diseases Concerning Mouth and Face — Jyotish Tutorial

The second house governs the mouth. Affliction to the second house, lord of second house etc give rise to diseases in mouth. Brisha rasi is the seat of mouth in the natural zodiac. There may be many kinds of diseases concerning mouth. The affliction of second house, lord of second house, Brisha rasi together with affliction of respective karaka planets give rise to respective disease. Mercury is ruler of all ulcers. When mercury and the above houses are afflicted and in some way related with disease inflicting planet or house, they produce ulcer in the mouth. Mars is karaka for all tumours and cuts. Affliction of Mars together with above houses and house-lords may give rise to tumours and cuts in the mouth. Rahu is responsible for all infammations, and root cause of any inflammatory disease is to be considered from affliction of Rahu and the above houses and lords. Karkata, Brischika and Meena rasis, three watery signs, rule the inside portion of the mouth and their position in the horoscope and relation with second house and karaka planets are also to be considered for all diseases inside the mouth.

Second house also rules the face. Brisha rasi is also the seat of face in natural zodiac. Venus rules the lustre in the appearance. An afflicted Venus and afflicted second house, Brisha rasi, second lord etc work for the fading away of lustre in the appearance. A well placed and good Venus endows one with good appearance, loveliness and charming face even upto an old age. Brisha, Kanya and Makara rasis, three earthly signs, rule the appearance. Affliction of houses and planets ruling face together with affliction of respective karaka planet produce respective diseases in the face.

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Diseases Concerning Mouth and Face

Diseases Concerning Mouth and Face

These are the few combinations for the disease concerning mouth and face :-

  • When sixth lord Moon afflicts the second house.
  • If lord of lagna be in the house of Mars or Mercury and be aspected by Mercury.
  • Mercury and Venus in the sixth house afflicted.
  • Mars, Saturn and Mercury in lagna.

Lagna—Mithuna ; Sun in Mesha ; Jupiter in Mithuna ; Rahu in Karkata ; Moon in Brischika ; Mars in Dhanu ; Ketu in Makara ; Saturn, Venus and Mercury in Meena.

The person suffered both from inflammation and a tumour in the mouth and underwent an operation. His face has been disfigured in result of the operation.

The reason for the same are :—

  • Second lord Moon is debilitated and is in sixth house, afflicted by Rahu.
  • Second house is conjoined with Rahu and is aspected by malefic and sixth lord Mars.
  • Brisha rasi is afflicted by malefic Saturn.
  • Mars, the karaka for tumours and cuts is himself sixth lord in this horoscope and is further aspecting the second house. He is further highly malignant being aspected by eighth lord and malefic Saturn.
  • Rahu, a karaka for inflammation, is in second house aspected by malignant Mars.
  • Karkata, Brischika and Meena rasis are afflicted.
  • Second house from Moon is occupied by sixth lord Mars and is aspected by malefic Saturn. Jupiter, the second lord from Moon, is in her eighth house aspected by her sixth lord Mars.
  • Second house from Sun is aspected by the malefic Saturn and the lord of the house Venus is with his sixth lord Mercury, conjoined with Saturn and aspected by Rahu and Mars.
  • Venus, karaka for face and appearance, is heavily afflicted.
  • Brisha, Kanya and Makara rasis, ruling face and appearance are afflicted.

Thus we find that all the factors ruling mouth, face and appearance are afflicted in this horoscope. Jupiter is in lagna and is powerfully aspecting the sixth lord and karaka Mars, which suggests recovery from the disease.

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Diseases Concerning Mouth  and Face – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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