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Epilepsy, Neurasthenia and Hysteria – Jyotish Tutorial

Epilepsy is an affection of the nervous system characterized by attacks of unconsciousness with or without convulsions.

Lagna, sixth house and Mercury are responsible for this disease. Ali lotion of Moon also adds to this disease. When lagna, lord of lagna, Mercury, which is karaka for nerves, and Moon, karaka for mind—all are afflicted, this disease may occur. Causes for epilepsy with a strong afflicted Sun, Moon or fifth house may result into madness.

Neurasthenia is a condition of weakness or exhaustion of the nervous system giving rise to various forms of mental and bodily inefficiency. Moon and Mercury also rule this disease. Affliction of Moon causes mental inefficiency and affliction of lagna or karaka Sun is responsible for bodily inefficiency. To find out bodily inefficiency one must look into the position and strength of lagna, lord of lagna and Sun.

Disorder of personality manifested by a heightened and perverted suggestibility is seen in Hysteria. Persons with mobile emotional dispositions, especially, women are the chief subjects of this disease. Heavily afflicted Moon and afflicted or badly placed lord of lagna or affliction of lagna may give rise to this disease.


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I am giving below some of the familiar combinations for these diseases:-

  1. Sun, Moon and Mars in lagna being aspected by any malefic.
  2. Sun, Moon and Mars in the eighth house being aspected by any malefic.
  3. Moon and Mercury in kendra aspected by malefic and malefic in fifth or eighth house.
  4. Mars and Saturn either in sixth or eighth house and Jupiter in trikona [ that is, first, fifth or ninth house].
  5. Moon and Mercury in kendra and all malefics in eighth house.
  6. Moon and Mercury in fifth house and all malefics in eighth house.
  7. Moon in dusthana with either of Rahu, Saturn, Mars or Ketu.
  8. Jupiter in third house being afflicted.
  9. Rahu and Moon in lagna and malefics in trikona.
  10. Moon with Rahu or Saturn in any place and Mercury weak or afflicted in any place.
  11. Moon and Mercury when afflicted.
  12. Malefic Rahu in lagna or dusthana.
  13. Moon, Mars and Saturn in eighth house.

Example no, 6.

Lagna—Makara ; Sun in Mesha ; Venus in Brisha ; Jupiter in Karkata ; Ketu in Kanya ; Moon and Saturn in Makara ; Mars, Mercury and Rahu in Meena.

This is a case of epilepsy.
The reasons for the disease are:-

  1. Mercury is debilitated and conjoined with Mars and Rahu. More over it is lord of sixth house.
  2. Moon is afflicted by conjunction of Saturn.
  3. Meena rasi, a sensitive sign, is afflicted. Kanya rasi, another sensitive sign is also afflicted.
  4. Lord of rasi where Sun is situated is with sixth lord therefrom and is also conjoined with Rahu and is in dusthana.

The Jatika suffered from fits and nerve complaints in her Rahu dasa. Here in this horoscope both Moon and Mercury are afflicted. Mercury is particularly heavily afflicted. If Saturn would not be the lord of lagna and if there would have been no aspect of such powerful jupiter over lagna, Moon and Mercury, she would have been a victim of worst suffering. With the coming of Jupiter dasa, she has been relieved of this disease. Jupiter aspecting the determinants of the disease in his own house suggests recovery.

Epilepsy, Neurasthenia and Hysteria – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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