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Face and Throat Eye Diseases – Jyotish Tutorial

The right eye is judged from the second house and Sun, while left one is from twelfth house and Moon. Venus is the karaka for eye sight, Rahu rules over the cataract in the eyes. When the second and twelfth houses, their lords and the karakas, namely, Sun, Moon and Venus are afflicted or badly placed, it causes eye trouble, loss of sight, ulcer in eyes etc. The influence of the benefices minimizes the trouble, while influence of malefics increases the same. The Brisha rasi, being the second house of the natural zodiac, also rules over right eye and Meena rasi, twelfth house of the natural zodiac, rules over the left eye.

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Face and Throat Eye Diseases

Face and Throat Eye Diseases

When malefics pass over the houses representing the eyes or afflict the planets ruling the eyes, they cause harm to the eye ruled by the house or planet afflicted. When malefics pass over all the houses ruling eyes and also over Sun, Moon and Venus in transit or aspect them, they affect both the eyes. If the houses and planets ruling over eyes are afflicted by malefics in natal chart, the transitory affliction causes more harm.

There are many combinations for eye troubles of which followings are important :

  • Sun in the twelfth house harms the right eye and Moon in the twelfth house harms the left eye.
  • If Sun and Moon be afflicted by Saturn and Mars, they cause harm to the eyes.
  • Sun in the eighth house causes disease in the right eye.
  • Saturn and Mars in the sixth or eighth house cause harm to the eye.
  • Sun in Karkata lagna makes right eye-sight weak.
  • Malefics in the sixth house harm the left eye and in the eighth house harm the right eye.
  • Sun in lagna or seventh house aspected by or conjoined with either Saturn or Rahu and also with Mars affects the right eye and in case of Moon under such conditions, the left eye is affected.
  • If Sun and malefic Moon be in dusthana, they cause harm to the respective eye ruled by them.
  • If Saturn be with Mars, and Moon be in dusthana, eye-sight becomes defective.
  • If second lord with lord of lagna be in dusthana, it makes one short of eye-sight.
  • Moon or Rahu in twelfth house, Saturn in trikona and Sun in seventh house or eighth house in a malefic navamsa cause eye disease.
  • Sun and Moon in any order in sixth and twelfth houses cause eye disease.
  • Afflicted Sun in Karkata rasi causes cataract in eye.
  • Afflicted Sun in lagna causes eye-trouble.
  • If Venus be with fifth and sixth lords, she causes defect in eye-sight.
  • Saturn and Mars in second house or with second lord cause eye-disease.
  • If many planets be in second house aspected by Saturn, they cause defect in eye sight.
  • Sun and Moon in the ninth house cause eye trouble.
  • Venus and Saturn in one house cause defect in eye.
  • Sun, Venus and Jupiter in one house cause eye trouble.
  • Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury in one house cause eye trouble.
  • If Saturn or Ketu be in the eighth house, it causes eye disease.
  •  Rahu in twelfth house causes eye disease.
  • If Moon be with malefic and Venus be in second house, they cause eye disease.
  • Mars in the twelfth house affects the left eye and Saturn in the second house affects the right eye.
  • Weak Moon in the eighth house aspected by strong Saturn inflicts severe eye disease
  • Sun and Moon in second house cause night blindness.
  • If lord of eye be with Venus or be in any house of Venus or in her exaltation house and be related to the lord of lagna by conjunction or aspect, it causes night blindness.
  • Sun in Tula lagna causes night blindness.
  • Afflicted Sun in Simha rasi causes night blindness.

I am giving below some important combinations suggesting blindness:-

  • If Mesha, Karkata or Simha be lagna, and Sun and Moon be there, being aspected by Saturn and Mars, they make one blind. But if benefics influence the same they cause only short of vision. If only Sun be in that place, he affects the right eye and if only Moon be there, the left one is affected.
  • Sun and Moon in the twelfth house afflicted make one blind.
  • If Mars be the second lord, Sun and Moon be in the eighth house and Saturn be in the sixth or twelfth house one becomes blind.
  • Mars in second house, Saturn in twelfth house, Moon in sixth house and Sun in eighth house make one stone-blind.
  • If malefics are in fourth and fifth houses, Moon in dusthana and no benefic planet aspects any of them, blind-ness is suggested.
  • Strongly afflicted Sun in Tula rasicauses blindness.
  • If lords of first, second, fifth, seventh and ninth houses be in dusthana and Venus be either in lagna or in second house, they cause blindness.
  • Eclipsed Sun in lagna, Saturn and Mars in fifth and ninth houses give rise to blindness.
  • If second and twelfth lords be with Venus and lord of lagna be in dusthana, they cause blindness.
  • Sun in lagna with Rahu and malefics in trikona make one stone-blind.

Example No, 9.

Lagna–Mithuna ; Moon in Brisha ; Sun, Saturn and Rahu in Kanya ; Jupiter and Mercury in Tula ; Venus in Brischika ; Mars in Dhanu; Ketu in Meena.

This is a case of a jataka suffering heavily from eye trouble which has resulted almost into blindness.
The reasons for the disease, we find, are :—

  • Moon is in the twelfth house ; she is also aspected by Rahu.
  • Mars is in eighth place from Moon.
  • Second house of Moon is aspected by Saturn and mars Second lord Mercury is in sixth house with lord of eighth house aspected by Rahu.
  • Second lord from lagna is in twelfth house and second house is aspected by Mars.
  • Twelfth lord Venus is in sixth house aspected by Saturn.
  • Venus, karaka for eye sight, is in sixth house aspected by eighth lord Saturn ; besides the fact, she is lord of a dusthana.
  • Sun is afflicted by Saturn and Rahu.
  • Fourth house is full with malefics and Moon is in dusthana.
  • Kanya rasi is heavily afflicted.
  • Both Brisha and Meena rasis, ruling the eyes, are afflicted by malefics.
  • Both Sun and Moon are afflicted by Rahu from Kanya rasi, the house of disease and also Venus is afflicted by Saturn from Kanya rasi.

Thus we find that second and twelfth houses, Sun, Moon,Venus,Brisha and Meena rasis, lords of second and twelfth houses—all these are afflicted. Lagna is also afflicted by sixth lord Mars.

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Example No, 10.

Lagna–Dhanu ; Venus in Mesha ; Saturn in Brisha ; Ketu in Kanya ; Moon in Brischika ; Jupiter in Dhanu ; Mars in Makara ; Sun and Mercury in Kumbha ; Rahu in Meena.

Face and Throat Eye Diseases – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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