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Sunday , June 16 2024
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Face and Throat Eye Diseases – Jyotish Tutorial 2

This is a horoscope of complete blindness. The person lost both of his eyes in his first year after birth in dasa and antardasa of Saturn. First he lost his right eye and after few months he lost the left one.

The reasons for the same are :—

  • Venus, karaka for eye sight, is hemmed between the malefics, Saturn and Rahu. She is also aspected by Rahu and Mars.
  • Sun, karaka for the right eye, is hemmed between malefics Mars and Rahu and is also aspected by S
    Face and Throat Eye Diseases

    Face and Throat Eye Diseases

    aturn from sixth house. Again, he is conjoined with Mercury.

  • Moon, karaka for left eye, is aspected by Saturn from sixth house and by Rahu from Meena rasi. Further Moon is malefic, debilitated, lord of eighth house and is in twelfth house.
  • Second lord Saturn is in sixth house aspected by eighth lord, and also twelfth lord Mars is in second house.
  • Twelfth house is conjoined with eighth lord Moon and is aspected by Saturn and Rahu from sixth house and Meena rasi respectively.
  • Brisha and Meena rasis, second and twelfth houses of natural zodiac, are afflicted.
  • Second and twelfth houses from Sun are afflicted by Rahu and Mars.
  • Second and twelfth houses from Moon are hemmed between malefics.                                                                                                                        Click Here  

Thus we find all the houses and karakas for both the eyes are heavily afflicted in this horoscope. Saturn is connected with second house, twelfth house, Sun, Moon and Venus as a malefic and is afflicting them, and loss of sight in dasa and antardasa of Saturn is quite natural.

Face and Throat Eye Diseases – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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