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Heart Diseases – Jyotish Tutorial

Heart diseases are disordered action of heart, irritable heart, neurocirculatory asthenia, pain in heart etc. Karkata rasi is the seat of heart in natural zodiac. Fourth house governs the same. Moon is karaka for heart and Sun rules the heart diseases. To find out all diseases connecting heart one must look into the position of Sun in the horoscope. Mars governs the blood. So the affliction of Sun, Moon, Mars, Karkata rasi, fourth house, lord of fourth house etc and any relation of any of them with sixth house, lord of sixth house, Kanya rasi or with disease inflicting house or planet, give rise to diseases of heart. When Saturn joins Sun, it causes palpitations and shivering of heart. When Ketu afflicts the same, it causes pain in heart. Mars under similar position is responsible for all blood circulations. Lagna plays also a part in this disease and generally it is seen lagna or lord of lagna is afflicted in cases of heart diseases.

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Thrombosis of the Heart

I am giving below few combinations ruling diseases of heart:-

  • If Ketu joins Mars in the fourth house.
  • Afflicted Moon in house of an enemy.
  • Sun and Saturn in evil house jointly.
  • Lord of the sixth house and Sun with a malefic in fourth house.
  • Mars, Saturn and Jupiter in fourth house .
  • Saturn, Jupiter and lord of sixth house in fourth house.
  • Mercury in lagna, and Sun and Saturn in sixth house aspected by or conjoined with a malefic.
  • Rahu and Moon in the seventh house and Saturn in a kendra.
  • If Jupiter be afflicted by powerless Mars, sixth lord be with malefic and Sun be in Brischika rasi.
  • Afflicted Moon in fourth house and three malefics in one house.

Example No, 25.

Lagna—Mesha ; Saturn, Mercury and Rahu in Mesha ; Sun and Moon in Brisha ; Venus in Mithuna ; Jupiter and Ketu in Tula ; Mars in Meena.

This is a case of heart disease.
The jatika ultimately died from the same. The reasons for the same are :-

  • Moon is weak, being very near to new-moon.
  • Lord of the fourth house is weak and is with a malefic.
  • Sun, a karaka, is afflicted by aspect of Rahu.
  • Mars, karaka for circulation of blood, is in twelfth house.
  • Simha rasi, fourth house from Sun and Moon and its lord Sun are afflicted by aspect of Rahu.
  • Lagna is heavily afflicted by Saturn and Rahu, and lord of the sixth house is in lagna. Further, lord of lagna is in dusthana.

Thus we find many factors are present in this horoscope to give rise to heart disease. Though Karkata rasi is unaffiliated in this horoscope, its lord Moon is very weak and afflicted and other factors are very strong and capable of producing heart disease.

Example No, 26.

Lagna—Tula ; Jupiter in Mesha ; Ketu in Mithuna ; Saturn in Karkata ; Moon in Simha ; Paint in Dhanu ; Mars; Sun, Mercury and Venus in Meena. This is another case of heart disease. The person suffered from mild heart trouble and ultimately recovered from the same.

The reasons for the disease, we find, are :—

  • Karkata rasi is afflicted.
  • Moon is aspected by Rahu and also by lord of the sixth house.
  • Sun, karaka, is in sixth house afflicted by malefic Mars. He is further conjoined with lords of eighth and twelfth houses.
  • Fourth house is aspected by malefic Rahu.
  • Mars, karaka for blood circulation, is in sixth house and is also conjoined with evil lords.
  • Lagna is afflicted by aspect of malefic and sixth lord. Further lord of lagna being afflicted is in sixth house.
  • Fourth lord from Moon is in eighth house from Moon.
  • Fourth house from Sun  is afflicted and  lord of the house is weak, debilitated and afflicted.

In this horoscope , the lord of fourth house is aspecting the fourth house . it is further a yoga–karaka. Its situation in Karkata rasi is also not very harmful for Tula lagna. Further lord of lagna is exalted ; and that is why the suffering of the person was comparatively mild and he recovered from disease.

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Heart Diseases – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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