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Impotence and Sterility – Jyotish Tutorial

Venus rules the sex life in a male. Seventh house rules the semen. Tula rasi is the seat of the same. All these govern our sex life, semen and marital happiness. When Tula rasi, seventh house, lord of seventh house and Venus be weak, afflicted and badly situated, impotency may be seen. Mercury and Saturn are two impotent planets. Any connection of these two planets, when they are Malefics, with the above houses and planets is not good. Mars governs the sex life in females. Fifth house is responsible for bearing children. Simha rasi also rules the same. When Mars, Simha rasi, fifth house, Tula rasi, seventh house and the lords of fifth and seventh houses are afflicted, weak or badly placed and when these houses and planets have any relation with malefics Saturn and Mercury in a female horoscope, one loses capacity of bearing child.

Impotence and Sterility

Impotence and Sterility

I am giving below few combinations for impotency and sterility:-

  • Seventh lord with Venus in sixth house in a male horoscope.
  • If sixth lord, Venus and Mercury be in one house with lord of lagna or if they aspect the lord of lagna in a male horoscope.
  • If seventh lord be weak and enemies be in seventh house.
  • Weak and powerless Moon in the seventh house.
  • Heavily afflicted Moon in own house.
  • If weak lord of lagna be in its debilitated house or be aspected by a debilitated planet and if combusted seventh lord be in sixth house.
  • If seventh lord be defeated in a planetary fight and be in sixth or eighth house.
  • Saturn or Venus in eighth or tenth house aspected by malefics and without benefic aspect.
  • Afflicted Saturn being debilitated in sixth or eighth house.                                                                                                  Click Here  
Impotence and Sterility

Sad couple faces

Example No, 57.

Lagna—Meena ; Rahu in Brisha ; Sun, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Mercury R in Simha ; Moon and Ketu in Brischika ; Jupiter R in Kumbha.

This is a male horoscope suffering from impotency.
The reasons for the same are :—

  • Seventh lord is in sixth house with Venus and is heavily afflicted.
  • Sixth lord, Venus and Mercury are in sixth house and are afflicting the lord of lagna.
  • Tula rasi is afflicted by aspect of malefic.
  • Seventh houses from lagna, Moon and Sun are afflicted. Lords thereof are also afflicted.
  • Venus, the karaka planet, is lord of dusthana and is in sixth house with lord of sixth house. Further she is conjoined with two impotent planets Saturn and Mercury and is also afflicted by malefic conjunction.
How To Treat Sterility


Thus it is seen the houses and planets governing potency in a male are afflicted in this horoscope.

Lagna—Tula ; Jupiter in Mesha ; Sun, Moon and Mars in karkata ; Venus, Mercury and Rahu in Simha ; Saturn in Makara ; Ketu in Kumbha.

This is a female horoscope. She has no issue. She also suffered from sexual inabilities.
The reasons, as we find, are :—

  • Seventh house is afflicted by situation of sixth lord and aspected by Rahu.
  • Seventh lord is debilitated, weak and afflicted.
  • Tula rasi is afflicted by aspect of malefics.
  • Makara rasi, seventh houses from Sun , Moon and lord thereof are afflicted.
  • Weak and heavily afflicted Moon is in her own house. Karaka Mars is weak, debilitated and afflicted, and also strongly aspected by sterile planet Saturn.
  • Fifth house from lagna is afflicted by malefic and lord thereof is also afflicted.
  • Fifth house of natural zodiac, that is Simha rasi, is afflicted.
  • Lords of fifth houses from Sun and Moon—both being Mars,—is weak, debilitated and afflicted. Thus we find the planets ruling fifth and seventh houses in this horoscope are strongly afflicted.

Impotence and Sterility – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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