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Wednesday , May 22 2024
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Itches and Skin Diseases — Jyotish Tutorial

Saturn rules over skin. Moon rules the  diseases of skin. Affliction of these planets, affliction of Saturn or Moon by malefic Sun and Mercury, situation of all these planets in evil houses. Conjunction with evil lords and malefics, and a relation of them with Kanya rasi, sixth house, lord of sixth house or with disease-inflicting house or planet, all these give rise to itches and skin diseases. Mars also gives rise to skin diseases and his affliction over the planets ruling skin is not desirable. When Mars is afflicted he also produces skin diseases.

Itches and Skin Diseases

I am giving below few combinations for the same :—

  • Mercury in second house aspected by Moon causes skin diseases.
  • Sun, Mars and Moon in sixth house produce red spots in skin.
  • As powerful Saturn in third house aspected by or conjoined with Mars causes itches and skin diseases.
  • Moon and Mars in second house cause skin diseases, when they are aspected by Saturn.
  • Saturn in lagna aspected by Mars causes skin diseases.
  • Moon in watery sign in second house produces skin diseases.
  • Saturn and Sun in lagna give rise to skin diseases.
  • Afflicted athma-karaka in Mithuna, Kanya or Makara navamsa causes skin diseases.
  • Malefic Mars in sixth house produces heat generating diseases.
  • Rahu in eighth house conjoined with or aspected by malefic causes similar diseases.
  • Moon in sixth house aspected by malefic causes skin diseases from corrupt state of blood.
  • Moon in Kanya rasi hemmed between malefics causes skin diseases from corrupt state of blood.                                                                                                                                                                Click Here  

Itches and Skin Diseases

Example No, 81.

LagnaMeena ; Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus In Karkata ; Mercury and Rahu in Simha ; Saturn in Kanya ; Jupiter in Tula; Ketu in Kumbha.

This is a case of skin disease. The person suffered from the same for a long time.

The reasons for the disease are :—

  • Moon is in a watery sign afflicted by, malefics. Sun is also afflicted by malefics.
  • Mercury is in sixth house conjoined with Rahu and is also hemmed between malefics.
  • Mars is with malefics and is also with sixth lord. Further, Mars is debilitated.
  • Saturn is in a sensitive sign and is also aspected by Rahu.
  • Lagna is afflicted and lord of lagna is in dusthana.
  • All the watery signs and fourth, eighth and, twelfth houses ruling blood are afflicted.

Thus we find the reasons to produce skin disease and corrupt state of blood are present in this horoscope.

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Itches and Skin Diseases – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt  

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