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Paralysis and Poliomyelitis – Jyotish Tutorial

Paralysis and poliomyelitis or infentile paralysis:, are caused by the affliction of Mercury, Sun, Moon and lagna. Ninth house rules the limbs. Affliction to this house, lord of ninth house and Dhanu rasi,—the ninth house of natural zodiac also give rise to these diseases. Mercury is primarily responsible for this disease. Any planet or house connected with the causes of paralysis by situation, conjunction, aspect etc, give rise to paralysis in that part of the body ruled by the planet or house. When Sun is heavily afflicted and is in a house of malefic, and lagna and Mercury are also afflicted, paralysis may appear. When sixth house, lagna and Mercury are afflicted and Saturn be in an airy sign, these may give rise to paralysis. When Moon and Mercury join Saturn or Rahu or be aspected  by Saturn or Rahu, and if lagna be afflicted or lord of lagna be afflicted, these may give rise to paralysis. If Mercury be weak, be defeated in planetary fight or be afflicted and be in dusthana, it will damage the entire system of nerves. When at the same time lagna or lord of lagna or Sun or Moon be afflicted it may produce similar diseases. Saturn causes diseases of feet ; Venus causes diseases of face ; Sun affects the whole body and Mars causes all analytical strokes.

The left side is ruled by the houses from eighth to twelfth and right side is ruled by the houses, from second to sixth.

Right leg is ruled by second house and left is ruled by twelfth house. Third house  rules the right hand and eleventh house rules the left hand. – Face, tongue etc are ruled by the second house and so on. To find the exact location of the disease these houses and karakas ruling parts of the body are to be taken into consideration.

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Example No, 7.

Lagna—Brischika ; Saturn, Rahu and Venus in Mesha ; Jupiter and Ketu in Tula ; Mars is Makara ; Sun, Moon and Mercury in Meena.

This is a case of paralysis and the Jataka ultimately died from the same. The reason for the disease are—

  • Mercury is debilitated, combusted and is lord of eighth house.
  • Moon is very weak and is almost a new-moon.
  • Saturn, karaka for  limbs and legs is debilitated and conjoined with Rahu and is aspected by powerful Mars, the lord of sixth house. He has further interchanged house with Mars. Both Mars and Saturn are Malefics.
  • Mars the lord of sixth house and a karaka for paralytic strokes is afflicted by Saturn.
  • Lord of lagna is afflicted by Saturn from sixth. house.
  • Ninth lord is weak and ninth house is aspected by sixth lord Mars.
  • Sixth house from lagna, Sun and Moon are afflicted.
  • Ninth lord from Sun and Moon and also ninth lord of natural zodiac are afflicted.
  • Meena  rasi, a sensitive sign, is afflicted by malefics.
  • Twelfth house, which rules the left side and left leg is afflicted by malefics and twelfth lord Venus is in sixth house and is also afflicted.
  • Second house, the ruler of right side and right leg, is aspected by Rahu from sixth house  and second lord Jupiter is in dusthana aspected by malefics from sixth house.
  • Second house of Sun and Moon and second lord are also afflicted.
  • Kumbha rasi, being twelfth house from Sun and Moon, is hemmed between malefics and the lord of the house is debilitated and afflicted.

Thus we find all the factors ruling paralysis are afflicted in this horoscope. He was attacked by paralysis of his left leg and later his right leg was also attacked. The twelfth house and twelfth lord in this horoscope are more afflicted than the second house and second lord which suggest more attack upon left side, particularly on the left leg, as Saturn, karaka for leg, is also afflicted.

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Example No, 8.

Lagna— Brisha ; Sun in Mesha ; Rahu in Brisha Saturn in Karkata ; Jupiter and Ketu in Brischika ; Moon in Makara ; Venus in Kumbha., Mars and Mercury in Meena.

This is a case of Poliomyelitis.
The reasons for the disease are:-

  • Lagna is afflicted by conjunction of malefic Rahu. Sun is in twelfth house and is hemmed between malefic  and is also aspected by malefic. Moon is aspected by malefic Saturn powerfully from her own house.
  • Mercury is debilitated and conjoined with malefic and twelfth lord Mars.
  • Second and twelfth houses are afflicted.
  • Ninth houses from lagna and Moon are afflicted. Ninth lord from Sun is conjoined with malefic Ketu and is in dusthana from Sun.
  • Lagna, Mercury and Saturn are aspected by lord of dusthana. Moon and Sun are aspected by Saturn, a disease inflicting planet.

Thus we find the factors capable of giving rise to the disease are present in this horoscope. Lagna being afflicted by strong malefic Rahu and lagna karaka Sun and also Mesha rasi both being afflicted by Saturn suggest the affection of the whole body.

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