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Plague – Jyotish Tutorial

Plague is a specific infectious disease, caused by bacillus pastis and occurring in two chief forms,—a bubonic, involving the lymphatic glands and a pneumonic causing an acute and rapid fatal inflammation of the lungs. Mars, Venus and Moon are karaka planets for this disease. Lagna, lord of lagna, Sun and Mesha rasi are found heavily afflicted in this disease. When lagna, lord of lagna, Mesha rasi, Sun and karaka planets Mars, Moon and Venus are found heavily afflicted, badly placed, conjoined with malefics and evil lords, aspected by malefics and evil lords and are related with Kanya rasi, sixth house, or with a disease-inflicting house or planet, they give rise to this disease. Rahu works for all epidemics and when Rahu makes some relation with the above, the disease comes from an epidemic. Athma-karaka planet in Mesh and relation of them with sixth house or with any disease producing house or planet, give rise to this disease. In plague, it is generally seen planets are heavily afflicted. Karkata rasi also rules the lungs, and in case of the disease with inflammation of lungs Karkata rasi may be also seen afflicted.

Example No, 90.

LagnaMesha ; Saturn, Rahu, Venus, Mercury and Moon in Kumbha ; Ketu and Jupiter in Tula ; Mars in Karkata ; Sun In Meena.

The person died from plague.


The reasons for the disease are :—

  1. Lagna is heavily afflicted by malefics and is also conjoined with sixth lord therefrom. Lord of lagna is afflicted by malefic Saturn.
  2. Venus, Moon and Mars are afflicted. Venus is a maraka planet and is conjoined with sixth lord Mercury. Mars, Saturn and Rahu are also afflicting her. Moon is very weak and is afflicted by Mars, Saturn and Rahu and is also conjoined with sixth lord from lagna and from Moon.
  3. Mars, another karaka, is afflicted by malefic Saturn.
  4. Mesha rasi is afflicted. Sun is in dusthana.                                                            Click Here  

Thus we find house and planets ruling disease are afflicted heavily . Further  they are related with Rahu suggesting disease froth epidemic.

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