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Planetary Karakatwas

Planetary Karakatwas – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt  

Planetary Karakatwas (sIgnifications): – Sun : He is Karaka for politics, King Authority, forests, mountains mountain dens, Soul, name and fame, heart, stable mind, right eye, head strong, active, advanced age, father, courage, gold, copper coloured cloth, genius, short hair, light, Manikya (a valuable stone), horses, grass, medicine, fire, temples, eye specialist, satw a – guna, medical shops, medicine manufacturing plants, bilious constitution, fortress, heat, power of Iswara, daring, adminis-trator, square bones, head ache, red sandle wool, respectable, honourable, honey coloured eyes, Sun stroke and hay fevers, severe type fevers, charitable tendencies, faith in God, likes to travel, cheerful nature maintaining dignity, brilliant personality. Humanitarian, ancestral professions, Government Eervice and vigorous health. Sun, Rahu and Mercury Combination indicate X-ray Photographers.

Moon :— Moon is Karaka for mother, travelling left eye, water, mind, cereals, silver, white cloth, agriculture, milk, pearls, satwaguna, flowers, female, cough, fevers relating to cough, pilgrimage, tanks, wells, water pipes, tuberculosis disease, salt, riches, vegetation, stomach, devotee of Goddess Parvati, meals, overseas travels, changing nature, fortress, and public  attraction.

Planetary Karakatwas

Planetary Karakatwas

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Mars :— Mars is the Karaka for brothers, sisters, Thamasa Guna, houses and lands, fire, industries, Aggression and war, emotional, vigorous health, cuts and burns, blood, armed forces, smallpox, enemies, thieves, ammunition, disease, commanding power, surgery, engineering, slaughtering, engines worked by electricity, cool fire, gas fire etc., Military authority, daring, rashness, energy, power generator, accidents, quarrels, fevers, abortions, violence, murders, dictator, hunting, Police department, agriculture, angry, debts, sensual, Government job, smithery etc.

Mercury : — Mercury is karaka for humour, business, nerves, intelligence astrology, mathematics, sculpture, mother’s brother, higher education, dictionary, script writing, travels, regarding business affairs, accounts, correspondence, orators, mechanic, cunning, vegetables, versatile, printing, publishing, author of books, telugu language, wonderful building with architecture, Puranas, pilgrimage, devotee Of Vishnu, science of sound, Chamatkar bhashana (using knack while talking).

Jupiter : – Jupiter is Karaka for wealth, male children, education, strong built bulky body, Astrology, indigestion, liver and spleen, Vedanta, wonderful building, minister, penance, charity, helping nature, religion religious ceremonies, Judge, truth, temples, satwaguna, advocates, silver, philosophers, Bank officers, humanitarian, lecturers, professors of universities, education departments, gold, conveyance, honourable, lofty ideals, fame, good abilities, expansion honoured by kings, high morals, genius, happiness etc.

Venus: –  Venus is Karaka for marriage, fine arts, actors, artists, ministers, pearls, silver, attractive eyes, surapana (intoxicating drinks) interested in poetry,. author, luxury, costly comfortable and beautiful beds, music, Veerya Karak (sperm), sensual pleasures with women, dancing, cinema, beautiful buildings, conveyances, scents, golden jewels, valuable cloth, dramas, adultery. seal, sealing authority, diseases from the prostitutes, captivating fashionable dresses, selling and buying goods, pearls, ancient literature and wealth etc.

Saturn :- Saturn is Karaka for longevity, obstruction, delay, servants, windy diseases, paralysis, Dental diseases Elephentiasis, tall and lean constitution, slow, adoption. horses, elephants, skins, troubles, death, travels in forests, destruction, iron, learning a language other than his mother tongue (language), untruthful, pleadings, angry, mental worry, cruel, bad friends, defective organ, agriculture profession, indigestion, yogabhanga, debts, punishments, fines, imprisonment, travelling in foreign countries, oil, representation of low caste people, failures, disappointments, loss of money, bad habits, smallpox, Kingdom, mean work.

Rahu: –  As Rahu and Kethu are not allotted signs of their own in the zodiac, they are fond of wandering, Karaka for outcaste, evil nature, lowest castes, secret, female sex, un-married people, gambling, liar, intoxicating drinks, contacts with prostitutes, debauchery, widow, Royal Umbrella, serpents, poison dark, Pitamaha chinta Karako Rahu (death of father’s fatber). The 9th sign of the natural zodiac represents father. From the 9th house Sagittarius (father) the 9th is 5th house (father’s father). This is Leo. Rahu’s house is Aquarius which is the Maraka Sthana to Leo. Therefore Rahu causes death of paternal grandfather, Kethu is Karaka for the death of mother’s father. The 4th house of the natural zodiac represents mother. The 9th house from Cancer is Pisces. This Pisces represents Maternal grand Other. Its 2nd Maraka Sthana Aries is Kethu’s house. Therefore Kethu is Karaka for Mathamaha Chinta (the death of maternal grandfather). Rahu is Karaka for King:lom, Raja yoga, snakes, thieves, blackmarketing, secret money, diseases, cholera, burial grounds, forest,  dwellings, imprisonment, fame, honour, leprosy, *religious, quarreling nature, detective knowledge, battles, illogical argument, dreadful speech, hills, wounds, white ant built holes and such hillocks, caves, smoke letting chimney, owl, trade, victory in the 6th house, forests, speaking falsehoods, insadity elephentiasis, fire accident, punishments, loss of children, pilgrimage, miser, spending other’s money etc.

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Ketu: – Ketu is Karaka for pilgrimage, dog, insurance, death tax, grief, burial grounds, dips in holy rivers and seas, religious ceremonies, propagates dharma and Moksha canons. hunger, skin diseases including leprosy, dead bodies, hides and skins, white-ant hills, ass, serpents, elephentiasis, mental diseases, wounds, quarrels, caves, imprisonment etc.

Planetary Karakatwas – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt  

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