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Pleura and Lungs Diseases – Jyotish Tutorial

Tuberculosis is an infection caused by bacillus tuberculosis the lesions of which are characterized by nodular bodies, tubercles and diffuse and filtrations.
Pulmonary tuberculosis or tuberculosis of lungs is caused when the bacilli reach the lungs.
Pleurisy is characterized by inflammation of the pleura, usually caused by chill and marked by pain in chest or side, fever etc.

Chest, Lungs and Heart


These diseases are very common now-a-days. To find out the causes of these diseases, one must look into Karkata rasi, fourth house, lord of fourth house, Sun, Moon and Rahu. Sun and Moon are karaka for lungs diseases. Affliction to these planets and the above mentioned houses produces lungs diseases. Jupiter also goyerns lungs and affliction to this planet also can produce similar diseases. When Moon is severely afflicted, the root cause is mental ; when afflicted Venus joins the combinations of the disease, infection is contacted from wife or woman, In case of Mercury in similar position, the root cause of infection is from school, play ground, amusement place, business place etc ; and in case of heavily afflicted Sun, it is contacted from the family members ; In case of Saturn joining the combinations of disease of lungs, the infection comes from labours, low-class people, factory workers and people in the streets ; and it is from brothers, sisters, hospitals, battlefields etc in case of Mars.

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Rahu plays an important part in this disease. In most of the cases of lungs diseases, it is seen either Karkata rasi or Moon or Sun or fourth house or fourth lord is afflicted by Rahu either by conjunction or by aspect. If no such affliction is found, at least it is seen that Rahu is in dusthana and any of the above houses or planets is weak. Indeed, unless any of these factors is present in the horoscope  the disease cannot come into appearance.

Pleura and Lungs Diseases – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt


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