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Rheumatic Diseases

Rheumatic diseases are of various natures, such as, arthritis, rheumatic nodules, gouts etc. Decrease of wind in the body causes the same. When windy planets Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are weak, combusted, afflicted, badly situated, conjoined with lord of dusthana and are also in some way related with sixth house, lord of sixth house etc, they give rise to rheumatic diseases. If lord of lagna be in navamsa of Karkata, it causes the similar diseases. Saturn is karaka for gouts. Ketu also rules over the windy diseases.

Aswini, Ardra, Punarbasu, Uttara-falgooni, Hasta, Jyesta, Moola, Satabbisa and Purba-bhadrapada stars rule over wind ( Batha ) and when lagna or rasi falls in any of the above stars and the above stars be afflicted, they give rise to windy diseases. Third house rules over the rheumatic diseases. All the windy planets Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn also rule over the same. Mithuna rasi also works in this disease. When Mithuna rasi, third house, lord of third house and above planets be afflicted, be situated in dusthana, be conjoined with lord of dusthana or with malefic or be aspected by malefic and be in some way related with disease-inflicting house or planet, they give rise to all windy diseases. When any of the above karaka planets being afflicted and being malefic joins windy planets, third house, lord of third house, Mithuna rasi etc and also be associated with of afflicted by Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, they give rise to the above diseases.

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Rheumatic Diseases

I am giving below some of the combinations for rheumatic diseases :—

  1. Sun in Karkata aspected by Saturn.
  2. Saturn in lagna and Mars in fifth, seventh or ninth house.
  3. Weak Moon and Saturn in twelfth house.
  4. Saturn in Dhanu or Meena rasi aspected by Mars.
  5. Sun, Moon and Saturn in lagna.
  6. Jupiter in lagna and Saturn in seventh house.
  7. Sun, Moon and Mars in lagna.
  8. Mars in tenth  house aspected  by Saturn.
  9. Moon with malefic in lagna, and Mars in sixth or eighth house with Saturn.
  10. Second lord, Saturn and a malefic in one house.
  11. Moon and Saturn in sixth house.
  12. Venus in eighth house aspected by malefic.
  13. Ketu in lagna, afflicted.
  14. Lord of lagna in lagna and Saturn in sixth house.
  15. Sixth lord in lagna with Rahu or Ketu.
  16. Moon in tenth house, Mars in seventh house and Saturn in second house of Sun.
  17. Weak Jupiter and weak lord of second house in second house.
  18. Lord of lagna and lord of sixth house with depressed Saturn in one house.
  19. Lord of lagna in Dhanu navamsa afflicted by malefic.
  20. Saturn and Rahu in third house affect hands.
  21. Saturn and Rahu in second house affect legs.

Example No, 86.

LagnaTula ; Ketu in Brisha ; Jupiter in Karkata ; Saturn in Simha ; Mars and Venus in Kanya ; Moon in Tula ; Rahu, Sun and Mercury in Brischika.

This is a female horoscope. She suffers from rheumatic pain.

Rheumatic Diseases

The reasons for the same are:—-

    1. Windy planets Moon, Mercury and Venus are afflicted by malefics. Moon is weak, hemmed between malefics and afflicted by Saturn. Mercury is conjoined with Sun and Rahu and is aspected by sixth lord. Vents is debilitated, hemmed between malefics and is conjoined with malefic. Saturn is also hemmed between malefic sixth and eighth lords.
    2. Lagna is conjoined with weak Moon, is aspected by windy planet Saturn and is hemmed between malefics and windy planets.
    3. Lord of lagna, Venus, who is also a windy planet, is conjoined with malefic and is in Kanya rasi. She is also hemmed between malefics.
    4. Ketu is in eighth house aspected by malefic Saturn and Sun, and is thus capable of producing pain in body.
    5. Dhanu rasi,—third houses from lagna and Moon, is aspected by malefic. Mars and Rahu. Third lord Jupiter is also aspected by Rahu.

Thus we find houses and planets ruling rheumatic diseases are afflicted in this horoscope and are capable of giving rise to the disease.

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Rheumatic Diseases – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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