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Small and Chicken Pox — Jyotish Tutorial

Small Pox is an acute infectious disease characterized  by a cutaneous eruption which passes through the stages of papule, vesicle, pustula and crust. Chicken pox is also an acute infectious disease, characterized by an irruption of vesicles on the skin which appear in successive crops.

Mars and Mercury are the planets ruling over these diseases, When these planets are badly placed or afflicted they are liable to produce these diseases. When they are afflicted and are also related with sixth house or lord of sixth house, Kanya rasi or with any disease-inflicting house or planet, they give rise to small and chicken pox. In case of milder affliction or situation in evil house or conjunction with evil lords, they produce chicken pox. While they are heavily afflicted, badly placed or conjoined with evil lords, they give rise to small pox. Venus rule the lustre of body An afflicted Venus takes away the lustre of the body and face. Hence the strength and position of Venus is also to be judged. When Venus joins the combinations for these disease, she puts permanent marks in the body and face. Rahu is karaka for epidemic When Rahu joins the combination for disease or be in any way related, one is liable to be attacked from these diseases in result of an epidemic. When eighth lord or eighth house or a disease-inflicting planet joins the combination, it may effect death.

Small and Chicken Pox

I am giving below some combinations for the same :—

  • Rahu in eighth house aspected by or conjoined with malefic.
  • Mars in lagna aspected by Saturn and Sun.
  • Lords of lagna and sixth house with Mars.
  • Sun in first, seventh or eighth house aspected by malefic.
  • Mars in first, second, seventh or eighth house aspected by malefic.
  • If Malefic Rahu be aspected by malefic.

Example No, 79.

Lagna–Mithuna ; Jupiter in Mesha ; Moon in Brisha ; Ketu in Mithuna ; Saturn in Karkata ; Venus in Brischika ; Sun and Rahu in Dhanu ; Mars in Makara.

This is a case of small pox.

The reasons for the disease are :—

  • Mars and Mercury are in eighth house afflicted by Saturn and Rahu. Further Mercury is lord of lagna and is conjoined with lord of sixth house and is in eighth house aspected by eighth lord.
  • Sun, lagna karaka, is afflicted by Rahu.
  • Malefic Ketu is in lagna.
  • Venus is in sixth house, and second house is also afflicted.
  • First and sixth lords are with Mars. (Here sixth lord is Mars himself).                                                                              Click Here  

In this case, we find both Mercury and Mars are badly afflicted and are also in dusthana. Rahu is afflicting them by its malefic aspect, which suggests the disease from epidemic. Venus is also in dusthana. Second house, ruler of face, is heavily afflicted suggesting deep marks in face.

Small and Chicken Pox


Example No, 80.

LagnaTula ; Jupiter in Brisha ; Ketu in Mithuna ; Saturn in Karkata ; Moon in Simha ; Mars in Kanya ; Mercury and Rahu in Dhanu ; Sun in Makara ; Venus in Kumbha.

This is a case of chicken pox.

The reasons for the same are :—

  • Mars is in dusthana, is in Kanya rasi and is aspected by Saturn.
  • Mercury is conjoined with Rahu.
  • Sixth lord Jupiter is aspecting Mars.
  • Sun, lagna karaka, is aspected by Rahu and Saturn.                                                                                                            Click Here  

In this case also, Mars and Mercury are afflicted, but the affliction is milder. As Saturn is yoga-karaka for Tula lagna, its affliction is not very much harmful. Mercury is a benefic for this lagna and is in house of a natural benefic. Further Venus and second house are not afflicted though the second lord is slightly afflicted.

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Small and Chicken Pox – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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