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Friday , June 14 2024
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Venereal Diseases

Venereal Diseases

Venereal Diseases (also known as sexually transmitted diseases/infections) are often acquired by unprotected sexual encounter (Safe Sex Learn More) with an infected partner. The pathogen (usually bacterial or viral) are transmitted by semen, blood, vaginal or other bodily secretions. Some of these infections are also transmitted by non-sexual means such as:

Vertical contact (i.e. non-sexual transmission of pathogens from mother to baby during pregnancy or while passage through infected birth-canal

Exchange of infected needles (during intravenous drug abuse or accidental needle-prick injuries that are common in hospital settings)

Transfusion of infected blood products

Many Venereal Diseases are asymptomatic (Asymptomatic Wiki Page) (at least in the early course of illness) and thus remains concealed for a long period of time.

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