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Brain Diseases – Jyotish Tutorial

Brain may be attacked from various kinds of diseases. Affection of blood vessels, haemorrhage, thrombosis, tumours, infections, inflammation of brain, hydrocephalus, brain fever etc are the various kinds of diseases of brain. Mesha rasi is the place in natural zodiac which is the seat of brain. The first house or lagna rules over the same. Sun is the karaka Planet. Affliction of Mesha rasi, first house, its lord and Sun, their weak position in horoscope, all these give rise to diseases connecting brain and head. Mars also rules over the head and all diseases concerning head and brain. For respective diseases concerning brain respective planets ruling different diseases should be considered.

I am giving below an example of a person suffering from brain tumour and who ultimately died in operation. He also suffered from loss of sight of his right eye.

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Example No, 4.

Lagna-Dhanu ; Moon and Venus in Mesha ; Jupiter R, Saturn R and Rahu in Kanya; Mars in Brischika ; Mercury in Kumbha ; Sun and Ketu in meena.

The reasons for the disease are :—

  • Lord of Lagna, Jupiter, is retrograde and is also malefic being lord of kendras and further he is in Kanya rasi conjoined with malefics Saturn and Rahu.
  • Sun, karaka for head is in Meena rasi with Ketu and is aspected by malefics Saturn and Rahu. Jupiter’s aspect could not nullify the malefic influence as he is also a malefic from lagna and Sun both.
  • Mars, another karaka, is in dusthana aspected by malefic and maraka Saturn.
  • Mesha rasi is conjoined with malefic Moon and is also conjoined with Venus, who is a malefic from lagna, Sun and Moon, Moreover, Venus is sixth lord from lagna and Moon is eighth lord from lagna.
  • Lord of the sign where Moon is situated is in eighth house (house of death) aspected by Saturn from sixth house.
  • Jupiter, lord of the sign where Sun is situated is in Kanya rasi [sixth house of natural zodiac] with two strong malefics.
  • Two watery signs, Brischika and Meena, are afflicted. [Watery signs rule the diseases connecting blood].
  • Second house, second lord and Sun all being ruler of right eye, are afflicted.
  • Second house from Moon and Sun are afflicted.Brain

The affliction of lord of lagna, Sun, Moon and Mars justify the disease of tumour in head. Mars situation and affliction justify the death in operation. The affliction of second house, second lord and Sun caused the loss of sight of right eye.

Brain Diseases – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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