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Colic – Jyotish Tutorial

The Colic pain is a disease which causes severe griping pain in belly. When Saturn or Ketu afflicts the sixth house, one suffers from this pain. Kanya rasi, sixth house, lord of sixth house, Sun, Saturn and Ketu rule over this disease. Affliction of these houses and planets by malefics and some relation of Saturn or Ketu with sixth house, Kanya rasi etc and when a disease inflicting house or planet makes any relation with them, they give rise to disease of colic pain. When malefic and afflicted Saturn or Ketu make any relation with the sixth house or Kanya rasi, they also give rise to similar disease. Colic is the after affect of biles diseases. Sun and Mars are karaka for biles and their strength and position in the horoscope are also to be examined. Affliction of Sun and Mars by Saturn and Ketu and their relation with the sixth house, lord of sixth house or Kanya rasi, all these produce colic pains.

Dyspepsia, Diarrhoea and Cholera


I am giving below some combinations for the same :—

  1. When lord of lagna is depressed and is in a house of an enemy, Mars is in fourth house and Saturn is aspected by a malefic.
  2. When Sun, Moon and Mars are in sixth house.
  3. When Sun is in lagna aspected by Mars.
  4. When lord of lagna is in Brisha navamsa afflicted by malefic.
  5. When lord of lagna is in Kanya navamsa afflicted by malefic.
  6. When lord of lagna is in Makara navamsa afflicted by malefic.
  7. When Mars is in lagna and sixth lord is weak and afflicted.

Example No, 36.

Lagna—Mithuna ; Saturn in Brisha ; Ketu in Kenya ; Sun, Mars, Moon and Mercury R in Brischika ; Jupiter in Dhanu ; Venus in Makara ; Rahu in Meena.

This is a case of bilious disease and colic pain.
The reasons for the disease are :—

  1. Mercury, lord of lagna, in sixth house with sixth lord suggests bilious complains.
  2. Sun is with  malefics Mars, Mercury and Moon and is aspected by malefics Saturn and Rahu, which suggests excess of bile. Further he is in sixth house with sixth lord and lord of lagna, and is also aspected by eighth lord.
  3. Sun, Moon and Mars in sixth house suggest colic pain.
  4. Ketu is in Kanya rasi.
  5. Malefics are in sixth houses aspected by malefics and also by eighth lord Saturn and also by Rahu.
  6. Lord of sixth house is afflicted by conjunction and aspect of malefics.
  7. Mesha rasi, sixth house from both Sun and Moon, is hemmed between malefics and is aspected by Rahu, from a sensitive house.
  8. Mars, sixth lord from Sun and Moon, is afflicted.
  9. Sun and Mars karakas for biles, are in sixth house, afflicted by conjunction and aspect of malefics.
  10. Saturn, a karaka for Colic, is in twelfth house from lagna afflicted by aspect of malefics Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury.

Thus we find, many factors are present in this horoscope to give rise to bilious diseases and colic pain.

Colic – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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