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Dysentery – Jyotish Tutorial

Dysentery is a disease with inflamed mucous membrane and intestinal glands, griping pains and mucous and bloody evacuations. Fifth and sixth houses are the places where from the root causes of this disease are to be found out. Simha and Kanya rasis are the seats of this disease in natural zodiac. Venus works for indigestion and Mars for bloody evacuations. Affliction of Simha and Kanya rasis, fifth and sixth houses, their lords, karaka Sun and also Venus and Mars, or affliction of the above houses and their lords by malefic Venus and Mars, or affliction of these houses and planets by evil lords give rise to dysentery. As Sun is the karaka for all bowels diseases, his strength and position is an important factor. Ketu and Saturn are responsible for all pains. Affliction of the above houses, their lords and karaka planets by Saturn or by Ketu produce pain with the same disease. Saturn, Rahu or Ketu’s affliction may make the disease chronic, unless the combinations are well guarded. As watery signs also have some function in this disease, their relations with disease making combinations are always bad.

Diseases Concerning Gall Bladder


Example No, 40.

Lagna—Makara ; Sun and Mercury in Mesha ; Saturn in Mithuna ; Ketu in Simha ; Moon in Brischika ; Jupiter and Rahu in Kumbha ; Mars and Venus in Meena.

This is a case of dysentery.
The causes for the disease we find are :—

  • Sixth house is afflicted by conjunction of Saturn and by aspects of Rahu and Mars.
  • Fifth house is hemmed between malefics.
  • Lords of fifth and sixth houses are afflicted by malefics.
  • Simha rasi is conjoined with Ketu and is aspected by Saturn and Rahu, Kanya rasi is aspected by malefic Mars.
  • Fifth and sixth houses from Moon and their lords are afflicted, Fifth and sixth houses from Sun are also afflicted.
  • Sun, a karaka planet, is with sixth lord Mercury. Venus, another karaka, is with malefic Mars and is aspected by Saturn and Rahu. Further Venus is in watery sign with sixth lord from Moon.

Thus it is seen most of the houses and planets ruling the disease of dysentery are afflicted in this horoscope and are capable of producing a disease like dysentery.

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Dysentery – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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