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Tumors Boils Carbuncles Abscess — Jyotish Tutorial

Watery signs rule these diseases. Mars is karaka for all tumours, boils, abscesses etc. Affliction of Rahu also produces the same. As poisoning of blood is the main cause for these diseases, it will be seen that the watery signs are afflicted in horoscope of a person suffering from these diseases, Fourth, eighth and twelfth houses and their lords also rule the blood and strength and position of these houses are also to be taken into consideration while judging these diseases. When the above houses and planets be afflicted or be conjoined with malefics and make any relation with sixth house or lord of sixth house or with any disease inflicting house or planet, they give rise to diseases like tumours, boils, carbuncles, abscesses etc.

Tumors Boils Carbuncles Abscess

I am giving below some of the combinations for these diseases :—

  • Malefic sixth lord in, lagna, eighth or tenth house causes tumours, carbuncles etc.
  • Afflicted and malefic, Mars causes similar diseases.
  • Rahu in the eighth house conjoined with or aspected by malefic causes heat generating diseases.
  • Saturn in the eighth house and Mars in the seventh house give rise to tumours boils etc.
  • Lords of lagna and sixth house in one house conjoined with Mars cause similar diseases.
  • Sun, Moon and Mars in the sixth house give rise to deep red spotted boils.
  • Sixth lord in lagna with Mars causes boils, tumours etc.
  • Mars in opposition to Sun, and one being in first, second, seventh or eighth house produce similar diseases.
  • Mars and Saturn in sixth or twelfth house without benefic aspect or conjunction cause similar disease.
  • Saturn in eighth house aspected by Mars causes similar diseases.
  • Mats in Brischika lagna afflicted and unexpected by benefic causes carbuncles, abscesses etc.
  • Ketu and Saturn in fourth navamsa cause similar diseases.
  • Saturn and Ketu in sixth, house cause similar diseases.
  • Malefic Mars in sixth generating diseases.
  • Saturn in lagna aspected by or conjoined with malefic causes boils, carbuncles etc.
  • When lord of lagna be in Simha navamsa afflicted by malefic it causes virulent tumours, boils etc.
  • Moon in between two malefics and Saturn in seventh house give rise to boils, abscesses etc.
  • Malefic in second house aspected by malefic produces boils, tumours etc.                                                                                                                        Click Here  

Example No, 73.

LagnaKarkata ; Jupiter in Mithuna; Rahu in Karkata ; Mars in Simha ; Moon and Mercury in Kanya ; Sun in Tula ; Venus in Brischika ; Ketu in Makara ; Saturn in Kumbha.

This is case of virulent tumours and boils. The person suffered from the same, underwent an operation and died ultimately.

Tumors Boils Carbuncles Abscess

The reasons for the same are :—

  • Mars is in between malefics, is in house of a malefic and is aspected by malefic Saturn and Rahu.
  • Mars and Saturn are in opposition. one is eighth lord and is in eighth house. Again, mars is in second house aspected by malefic Saturn from eighth house and also aspected by Rahu from lagna. Saturn is in eighth house  aspected by Mars.
  • All the watery signs are afflicted by malefics.
  • Lagna and it lord are afflicted ; Mars is heavily afflicted.

These justify the attack from such a disease. Opposition of Mars and Saturn, and Saturn being eighth, lord justify an operation and death from operation.

The person also suffered from venereal disease. In this horoscope, Venus is in Brischika rasi, that is in house of Mars, and is aspected by Mars. Further Venus is aspected by Saturn. Venus, eighth house, eighth lord, Brischika rasi etc are afflicted in this horoscope suggesting venereal, disease.

Example No, 74.

LagnaBrischika; Rahu in Mesha ; Jupiter in Brisha ; Moon and Ketu in Tula ; Saturn in Dhanu ; Mars, and Mercury in Makara ; Sun and Venus in Kumbha. This is a case of carbuncle in the back portion near the neck.

Tumors Boils Carbuncles Abscess

The reasons, as we find, are :–

  • Mars, being lords of lagna and sixth house, is afflicted by malefic conjunction and is hemmed between middies.
  • Malefic Saturn is in second house aspected by malefic Rahu from sixth house.
  • Third house is afflicted by sixth lord Mars and eighth lord Mercury and is hemmed between malefics. Third lord Saturn is afflicted by aspect of Rahu from sixth house. Mars, karaka for carbuncle, is afflicted and is also afflicting the third house.
  • Third houses from Sun and Moon and lords there of are also afflicted.
  • Karkata rasi is aspected by malefics. Brischika and Meena rasis are hemmed between Malefics.
  • Mithuna rasi, house of neck, is afflicted, Further, Dhanu and Makara is, ruling back portions, are afflicted. Eleventh houses from lagna, Sun and Moon, and their lords, ruling back portion of neck, are afflicted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Click Here  

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Tumors Boils Carbuncles Abscess – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt


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