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Dental Diseases — Jyotish Tutorial

The second house is the seat of teeth, seventh house rules the dental diseases and Saturn is the karaka for teeth, Brisha and Tula rasi of the natural zodiac control diseases of teeth. Affliction to second and seventh houses, their lords, and karaka Saturn and their relation with sixth house, lord of sixth house, dusthanas and lords of dusthanas give rise to dental diseases, tooth-trouble, irregular teeth etc. When Saturn itself afflicts the second or seventh house, it causes trouble connecting teeth. Saturn’s situation in the second house is responsible for setting of bad, ugly and irregular teeth. Rahu in the second house makes large and prominent teeth. When Malefics transit through second and seventh houses, particularly Saturn or Rahu, dental troubles get in. Malefics in second and seventh houses from Sun and Moon also give rise to similar diseases. Mesha, Simha and Dhanu rasis, three fiery signs, also rule the dental diseases and affliction to these houses are not desirable.

Dental Diseases

Dental Diseases

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These are the combinations for irregular, large and defective teeth :—

  • Afflicted Moon in Dhanu rasi causes large teeth.
  • Saturn in second house causes defective teeth.
  • If Rahu be either in lagna or second house, one possesses large teeth.
  • If Ketu be in lagna, one possesses wider teeth.
  • When Rahu or Saturn is in second house or in opposition to lord of lagna, and Jupiter is in debilitation defective teeth is the result.
  • If lord of eighth house be in eighth house with Jupiter and lord of lagna is debilitated, they result into defective teeth.

The followings are the combinations for dental diseases :—

  • If Saturn be in Karkata, one loses teeth early, provided the said Saturn is a malefic.
  • If Mesha, Brisha or Dhanu rasi be lagna and malefic be there or aspects them, it causes tooth trouble.
  • Moon or Rahu in twelfth house , Saturn in trikona and Ketu in seventh or eighth house cause tooth trouble.
  • Malefic in the seventh house without benefic aspect causes tooth trouble.
  • If lagna be in navamsa of Saturn, it causes dental diseases.
  • Mars, being malefic, in second house causes dental trouble.
  • Sun, Moon and Venus in lagna produce dental trouble.
  • If the second lord be with Rahu in dusthana or be with lord of the house where Rahu is situated, it causes dental trouble.
  • Mesha, Simha and Dhanu rasis, when afflicted by Rahu give rise to dental trouble.

While considering these combinations, the position of the second and seventh houses are also to be taken into consideration,—whether they are afflicted by or conjoined with malefics or not, And also it should be taken into consideration whether the planets making above combinations are benefics for the particular lagna in question. The benefics may not give rise to the disease at all.

Example No, 11.

Lagna—Brischika ; Rahu in Mesha; Jupiter in Brisha ; Moon and Ketu in Tula ; Saturn in Dhanu ; Mars and Mercury in Makara ; Sun and Venus in Kumbha.
This is a horoscope in which the person has defective and bad setting of teeth.
The reasons for the same are :-

  • Malefic Saturn is in the second house aspected by Rahu from the sixth house.                                                                                                            Click Here
  • Saturn, karaka for teeth, is aspected by Rahu from sixth house.
  • Mesha, Simha and Dhanu rasis ruling teeth are afflicted.
  • Second house of Moon is hemmed between Ketu and Saturn.
  • Seventh houses from Lagna, Moon and Sun are afflicted by aspect and conjunction of Rahu.
  • Lords of second houses from lagna, Moon and Sun are afflicted.
  •  In this horoscope seventh house of lagna is powerfully protected by benefic Jupiter, which is capable of fighting against dental diseases up to a considerable long age, though affliction of the houses ruling teeth by Rahu suggests diseases of teeth.

Dental Diseases – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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