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Elementary Principles – Jyotish Tutorial

THE ZODIAC is divided into twelve signs, each containing 30 degrees and all the planets are moving round the zodiac in different motions so that they take different periods to complete the circuit. The zodiac is known as KALA PURUSHA representing a full human figure.

Elemental Principles

Elemental Principles

The names of the twelve signs (rasis) are :-

Mesha, Brisha, Mithuna, Karkata, Simha, Kanya, Tula, Brischika, Dhanu, makara, Kumbha and Meena.

Their corresponding English names are :-

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Corpicorn, Avarius and Pisces.

The names of the planets are :-

Ravi, Chandra, Kuja( Mangala ), Budha, Guru( BrihaSpati ), Sukra, Sani, Rahu and Ketu.

Their English names are :-

Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu or Dragon’s head and Ketu or Dragon’s tail.
The body of the ‘Kala Purusha’ has been divided into twelve parts and each part has been assigned to a rasi commencing from Mesha. They are as follows :-

Rasi :-                                      Part of Kala Purusha :—
Mesha                                     Head
Brisha                                     Face
Mithuna                                 Neck


Rasi :-                                    Part of Kala Purusha :—
Karkata                                 Chest
Simha                                    Upper abdomen
Kanya                                    Lower abdomen
Tula                                       Groins
Brischika                              Genital organs
Dhanu                                  Thighs
Makara                                 Knees
Kumbha                               Shanks
Meena                                  Feet

Mesha, Simha and Dhanu rasis rule over vitality ; Brisha, Kanya and Makara rasis over bone and flesh ; Mithuna, Tula and Kumblia rasis over breathing ; And Karkata, Brischika and Meena rasis over blood.

The zodiac is also divided into twelve houses reckoning from Lagna or ascendant and each house commonly known as bhava is assigned to a specific part of the body of the Kala Purusha. Here also the first house represents head, the second house represents face and so on.

They are as follows :—

House or bhava :—                   Part of ‘Kala Purusha’ :—
First house or                            Head, brain and mind.
Lagna bhava.
Second house.                          Face, eyes, nose, tongue, teeth, ears, fingers, nails,                                                                                                                     bones and flesh.
Third house.                              Neck, throat, collar bones, hands, breathing, ears and                                                                                                                    bodily growth.
Fourth house.                           Heart, lungs, chest and blood.
Fifth house.                               Upper abdomen and mind
Sixth house                                Lower abdomen, navel, bones, flesh and mental faculties.
Seventh  house                         Groins, semen, female organs and breathing
Eighth house                             Genital organs, urine and blood
Ninth house                              Thighs and limbs
Tenth house                              Knees, bones and flesh
Eleventh house                        Shanks and breathing
Twelfth house                          Feet and blood.

The houses from the second to sixth govern the right side of the body and from twelfth to eighth in reverse order govern the left side of the body.

The planets are working both for building up and destroying the body and they have different activities and functions (karakata) over it. Firstly, the planets are divided into three humours, namely, batha, pittha and kapha (1. e. wind, bile and . phlegm) and they are as follows :—

Batha ( wind ) planets—Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn.
Pittha (bile) planets— Sun and Mars.
Kapha (phlegm ) planets—Jupiter.
Moon, Venus and Sun have also slightly kapha ries ; Saturn and Jupiter have slightly pittha qualities;

And Mercury has slightly both pittha and kappa qualities. The planets also govern different parts of the body and they are as follows :—


Stomach, bone, right eye, heart, skin, belly, head and constitution of the body.


Heart, lungs, mind, blood, left eye, -kidney, alimentary canal and water in body.


Mood, marrow, energy, neck, genitals,,  reel colouring matter in blood, rectum, head, veins., female organs and vitality.


Chest, nerves, skin, navel, nose, spinal  syStem and gall bladder.


Thighs, fat, brain, lungs, liver, kidney ear, memory, tongue and spleen.


Face, eye-sight, genital  organs, semen, urine, luster of the body, throat, water in body and glands.


Legs, bones, muscles, limbs, teeth, skin and  hair.


Feet and breathing.


The planets also rule over different diseases  and  they are as follows :—


Trouble in right eye, high fever, heart disease stomach disease, skin disease, fracture of bone, leprosy, internal fever, brain trouble, disease in head and all past diseases.


Diseases of heart and lungs, disease in left eye, over-sleepiness, inertia, asthma, diarrhoea, bloodlessness. poisoning of blood, diseases from water, vomiting, kidney trouble, diabetes, menstrual disorder, dropsy, appendicitis and diseases of breasts and mammary glands.


Diseases from heat, poisoning, cuts and wounds, leprosy, sore-eye, itches, diseases of blood, diseases in neck, diseases of marrow, blood pressure, loss of energy, diseases in female organs, fracture of bone, urinal diseases, boils, tumours, cancer, piles, menstrual disorder, ulcers, dysentery and diseases in rectum.


Diseases of chest, diseases of nerves, small and chicken pox, epilepsy, diseases of nose, navel diseases, high fever, diseases from poison, itches, fracture of bone, typhoid, madness, diseases of gall bladder, paralysis. fits, ulcers, indigestion, cholera, diseases in mouth and skin diseases.


Liver, kidney and lungs diseases, ear trouble, diabetes, lack of memory, tongue malady, diseases of spleen, dropsy and diseases in thighs.


Eye trouble, venereal diseases, diseases in face, urinal diseases, fading away of  lustre in body, fits, indigestion, throat trouble, diabetes, sex incompetency, impotency, dropsy, fever and diseases concerning glands.


Weakness, pain or aches in stomach, damage and loss of limbs, diseases of teeth, skin and legs, fracture of bones, diseases connecting bones, rheumatic pains, blindness, mental worry, wounds, ugly hair, pain in muscle, paralysis, hysteria and deafness.


Lungs trouble, diseases in feet, pain of walking, leprosy, difficulties in breathing, enlargement of spleen, cataract and hydrocele.


Lungs trouble, fever, eye-pain, stomach pain, boils, pains in body and diseases from unknown causes.

The sixth house is the house of diseases. The sixth house of the natural zodiac, i. e. Kanya rasi, and the sixth house from lagna rule the health. The causes of diseases are to be found out from respective houses, karaka planets, sixth house, sixth lord, Kanya rasi etc. The sixth houses fcom,Sun and Moon and also sixth house from navamsa lagna in navamsa chart have the same function. The planet who is sixth in order of degrees, minutes etc expounging rasis is ruler of diseases. Saturn, the worst malefic, is also karaka for all diseases. Rahu represents the sufferings and Jupiter represents the recovery from illness. The ruler of benefic house also. rules over recoveries. Eighth and -twelfth houses also rule over diseases. Sun is karaka of our body and soul, Moon is karaka of mind and Jupiter is karaka of thinking power. When mind is dejected, body suffers ; when health goes off, the mind becomes dejected ; when we think in bad ways, our mind and body suffer; and thus Sun, Moon and Jupiter ‘have vital parts in building our body, mind and health.

The affliction of Sun, Moon, bhava, bhava-lord and karaka. planet in natal chart ( horoscope ) or affliction of these by malefic planets in transit in way of conjunction or aspect give rise to diseases in that part of the body which is represented by the house or planet thus afflicted. The well-fortification of a house or planet guarantees the soundness and growth of that part, which the house or planet represents or rules.

Suppose Saturn or Rahu is in Mesha rasi ; we can assume that the Jataka ( owner of horoscope ) may suffer from some trouble in head. If lagna is also afflicted by malefics, the chances of sufferings are more. If Sun, Moon and karaka for head are also afflicted, the chances of diseases in head only increase. The nature of the disease will depend on the nature of the house afflicted, karaka planet, aspecting and afflicting planets etc. The aspect and conjunction of benefic planets will minimise the evil influences and more the benefic influences increase, the less the sufferings will be. If both the malefic and benefic influences are equal, the disease may not occur at all.

Suppose Mesha rasi is afflicted, but lagna, Sun, Moon and karaka are not afflicted and some are well-fortified by benefic influences. In such case there will be little chance of any disease in head, What he may suffer from at worst, will be casual pain it head, mental irritation, wrong way of thinking etc.

Elementary Principles- Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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