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Friday , August 14 2020
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Loss of Limbs — Jyotish Tutorial

Dhanu rasi is the seat of limbs in natural zodiac. Ninth house rules the same. Saturn is karaka for limbs. Affliction of Dhanu rasi, ninth house, lord of ninth house and Saturn, their conjunction with malefics, situation in evil houses, aspects of malefics over them and any relation with disease inflicting house or planet all these are responsible for affection of the limbs. If Saturn along with lord of ninth house be in dusthana and be also conjoined with any planet, it suggests loss of the limb ruled by the affected house or conjoining planet. Lagna, lord of lagna and Sun, lagna-karaka, have also their parts in affecting the limbs.. While they are afflicted, they may give rise to malefic effect provided houses and planets  ruling limbs are also affected. Mesha rasi, first house of natural zodiac also rules the same.

Loss of Limbs

Second house and Brisha rasi rule the right leg. When the conjoining planet be lord of second house or the affected house be second house or Brisha rasi, it may affect the right leg. When twelfth house, its lord or Meena rasi be conjoined, it damages the left leg. Third house and Mithuna rasi rule the right hand, while eleventh house and Kumbha rasi rule the left one. When Mithuna rasi, third house or lord of third house be affected, it damages the right hand, and while eleventh house, its lord or Kumbha rasi be affected, it damages the left hand. Mars is karaka for accidents. When malefic Mars joins them or aspects them, the loss of limb is due to accident. When a disease inflicting house or planet or Saturn be related with them, the loss is after affect of a disease.

Limbs may be also affected from paralysis and other diseases, I have dealt with many diseases concerning limbs in different places in this book.

Loss of Limbs

I am giving below some combinations suggesting loss of limbs :—

  1. Saturn in the ninth house and Jupiter in third house cause amputation of hands.
  2. Saturn and Jupiter in eighth and twelfth houses cause amputation of hands.
  3. Saturn in lagna, Rahu in seventh house, Venus in Kanya rasi and waning Moan in the seventh house amputation of hand and foot.
  4. Saturn, Sun and Moon in lagna and Mars in seventh house, cause loss of limbs due to accident through machine.
  5. Saturn in seventh house and Mars with Rahu or without strength cause defect in limbs.
  6. Sun in second house, Mars in seventh house and Moon in tenth house cause loss of limbs.
  7. Moon in twelfth house afflicted by malefic and lagna afflicted cause defect in limb.
  8. Afflicted Saturn in twelfth house causes defect in limb.
  9. Moon in tenth house, Mars in seventh house and Saturn in second house cause sufferings of limbs.
  10. Moon in tenth house, Mars in seventh house and Saturn in second house of Sun cause diseases of limbs.
  11. Rahu or Ketu in lagna and lord of lagna  in dusthana cause disease or loss of limbs .

Loss of Limbs

Example No, 67.

Lagna— Makara ; Saturn and Rahu in Mesha ; Mars, Jupiter and Ketu in Tula ; Sun and Venus: in Brischika ; Moon and Mercury in Dhanu.

This is a case of loss of limb. The Jataka has lost his left leg by amputation. The reasons for the same are :—

  1. Dhanu rasi ruling limbs is afflicted by strong malefic Rahu. Ninth lord Mercury is also afflicted by Rahu and ninth lord is in dusthana from lagna. Rahu is further afflicting ninth house from Moon.
  2. Saturn, karaka for limb, and also lord of lagna, is weak, debilitated and heavily afflicted by Malefics. Saturn is also conjoined with Rahu. Sun, lagna karaka, is hemmed between Malefics. Mesha rasi heavily afflicted by conjunction of Saturn and Rahu.
  3. Twelfth house from lagna ruling left leg is conjoined with sixth lord Mercury and is also afflicted by aspect of Rahu. Twelfth lord Jupiter is conjoined with Ketu and Mars, and is aspected by Saturn and Rahu. Twelfth house from Moon is conjoined with sixth lord from Moon, is hemmed between malefics and twelfth lord Mars is conjoined with Ketu and aspected by Saturn and Rahu. Twelfth house from Sun is conjoined with Mars, sixth lord from Sun and also conjoined with Ketu. Further it is aspected by Saturn and Rahu from sixth house. Twelfth lord Venus is hemmed between malefics.
  4. Ninth house of natural zodiac is conjoined with sixth lord of natural zodiac. Further the house is twelfth house from lagna. Brisha rasi ruling legs is afflicted by aspect of Rahu. Ninth lords from Sun and Moon are also afflicted. Thus it is seen houses and planets ruling limbs and left leg are afflicted heavily, suggesting loss of left leg by amputation.

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Loss of Limbs – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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