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Piles and Fistula – Jyotish Tutorial

This disease is to be judged from seventh and eighth houses. Tula and Brischika rasis are seats in natural zodiac ruling the same. Mars is the karaka planet of this disease. When Tula rasi, Brischika rasi, seventh and eighth houses, their lords and karaka Mars be afflicted by conjunctions or aspects of malefics or when malefic Mars afflicts them by situation, conjunction, aspect etc and when the above houses and planets ruling piles and fistula make some relation with sixth house, lord of sixth house or with any disease inflicting house or planet, there may by the appearance of piles and fistula.

Ulcers and Other Diseases in Genital Organs

           Piles and Fistula

I am giving below few combinations for the same :—

  1. Saturn, Mars and lord of lagna in twelfth house.
  2. If Mars jointly with lord of lagna aspects the seventh house.
  3. Mars in the seventh house conjoined with and aspected by malefics.
  4. Eighth lord in the seventh house with a malefic and without benefit aspect.
  5. Saturn in lagna and Mars in the seventh house.
  6. Sun in Simha rasi and Venus in opposition, that is, in Kumbha rasi.
  7. Malefic in eighth house, while Brischika rasi is afflicted.
  8. Mars in eighth house aspected by Saturn.
  9. Mars and Moon in the eighth house.
  10. Lord of lagna with Mercury aspecting the sixth house.
  11. Ketu in malefic lagna.
  12. Afflicted Sun in eighth house.
  13. Moon, being aspected by Mars, in sixth or eighth house and Saturn in lagna.
  14. Waning Moon in eighth house aspected by Saturn and Mars.
  15. Weak Moon in eighth house aspected by Saturn and Mars.
  16. Moon in Karkata or Brischika navamsa afflicted by Mars and also aspected by malefic.
  17. Lords of lagna and seventh house in eighth house, lord of eighth house in lagna, and Mars, Saturn or Rahu in seventh house and also Moon afflicted.
Piles and Fistula

Piles and Fistula

Example No, 51.

Lagna—Makara ; Sun and Mercury in Mesha ; Jupiter in Mithuna ; Mars and Moon in Karkata ; Ketu in Kanya, Saturn in Makara ; Venus and Rahu in Meena.

This is a case of piles.
The reasons, we find, are :—

  1. Mars is in seventh house aspected by malefics. Saturn is in lagna and Mars is in seventh house. Further, Mars, karaka planet, is afflicted.
  2. Tula and Brischika rasis are afflicted by aspects of malefics.
  3. Seventh house and lord thereof are afflicted. Seventh houses from Sun and Moon, and lords thereof are also afflicted.
  4. Eighth houses from lagna and Moon are hemmed between malefics. Eighth house from Sun is also afflicted. Lords of eighth houses from lagna, Sun and Moon are afflicted. Further eighth lord from lagna is conjoined with sixth lord Mercury.

Thus we find the houses and planets ruling piles are afflicted in this horoscope and are capable of giving rise to the disease of piles.

Piles and Fistula

Piles and Fistula

Example No, 52.

Lagna–Mithuna ; Saturn in Mithuna; Ketu in Simha ; Venus in Dhanu ; Moon and Mars in Makara ; Sun, Jupiter, Mercury R and Rahu in Kumbha.

This is another case of piles.
The reasons for the same are :—

  1. Saturn is in lagna, and Moon and Mars are in eighth house.
  2. Eighth house of Moon is afflicted by Ketu, Mars and Saturn. Eighth house of lagna is also afflicted. Eighth lords from lagna, Sun and Moon are also afflicted.
  3. Seventh houses from lagna, Sun and Moon, and lords thereof are afflicted.
  4. Tula rasi is afflicted by aspect of Rahu.
  5. Mars, karaka and sixth lord, is in eighth house from lagna and is conjoined with Moon.
  6. Lagna and lord of lagna, both, are afflicted.

In this horoscope lagna and eighth house are heavily afflicted. More over karaka Mars is in eighth house from lagna himself being the sixth lord. These suggest severe attack from piles.

Piles and Fistula – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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