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Menstrual Disorder – Jyotish Tutorial

The menstrual discharge in a female after puberty is a regular monthly course. Moon governs the fluid matter in a female and Mars governs the blood. Their combination causes menstruation. When Moon comes in transit in any of the houses, first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth or twelfth, the menses occur.

Sometimes it is disturbed by irregularities or by excessive flow. This occurs due to malefic influence of the planets. It is the lower abdomen where womb and ovaries are situated. Womb is ruled by the sixth house and Kanya rasi, while ovary is ruled by seventh house and Tula rasi. Therefore the disease connecting menses are to be found out from sixth, seventh and eighth houses and from Kanya, Tula and Brischika rasis. Moon and Mars are the karaka planets. for this disease. In case of excessive flow, a malignant Mars is responsible; For pain and irregularities Saturn is to be held responsible. Moon works for all chemical changes in the body and therefore Moon-Mars, Moon-Saturn, Moon-Rahu, Moon-Ketu combinations are not good in a female horoscope for regular’ and undisturbed menstrual discharge. Whenever Moon is afflicted in transit by above malefics, they will create some irregularities in menstrual discharge.

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Menstrual Disorder

Example No 48.

Lagna—Kumbha ; Rahu in Simha ; Moon and Saturn in Tula; Jupiter in Brischika ; Mars in Dhanu ; Mercury in Makara ; Sun and Ketu in Kumbha ; Venus in Meena.

This is a case of profuse bleeding at the time of menstruation.
The reasons are :—

  • Sixth house from lagna is aspected by malefics Mars and Saturn and also by eighth lord Mercury ; Sixth lord is also afflicted. Seventh house is conjoined with Rahu and seventh lord is with Ketu. Eighth house and lord of eighth house, both are hemmed between malefics Eighth house is further aspected by Rahu.
  • Sixth and seventh houses from Moon are aspected by malefics. Eighth house from Moon is afflicted by aspect of sixth lord from Moon. Further eighth lord is in sixth house from Moon.
  • Sixth, seventh and eighth houses from Sun and lords thereof are afflicted.
  • Kanya rasi is hemmed between malefics and is also aspected by Rahu. Tula rasi is conjoined with malefic, Brischika rasi is hemmed between malefics.
  • Moon, karaka planet, is afflicted by conjunction of Saturn ; Mars, another karaka, is aspected by Saturn and Rahu.
  • Ketu is afflicting lagna and Sun.

All these, suggest menstrual disorder, excessive flow and pain at the time of menstruation.

Example No, 49.

Lagna—Brisha ; Ketu in Simha ; Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Kanya ; Mars, Moon and Venus in Tula ; Saturn in Makara ; Rahu in Kumbha.

This is horoscope of a female, who suffers from severe pain at the time of menstrual discharge.
The reasons for the same are :—

  • Sixth house is aspected by Rahu and Saturn and is also afflicted by conjunction of malefics Moon and Mars. Further lord of the sixth house, Venus, is afflicted by them. Lords of the seventh and eighth houses, Mars and Jupiter, are afflicted.
  • Sixth, seventh and eighth houses from Moon and lords there of are afflicted. Sixth, seventh and eighth houses from Sun and lords thereof are afflicted.
  • Kanya and Tula rasis are afflicted.
  • Moon is with Mars in the sixth house conjoined with sixth lord Venus. She is further aspected by powerful Saturn and Rahu. Mars, another karaka, is in sixth house with sixth lord afflicted by Saturn and Rahu. Saturn, karaka for pains, is also afflicted by aspect of malefic Mars from sixth house.
  • Lord of lagna is in sixth house with Moon and Mars and is aspected by powerful Saturn and Rahu.

Thus we find, many factors are present in this horoscope to give rise to menstrual disorder and pain. Tula rasi, which rules uterus, ovaries, menstrual periods etc, and Moon and Mars, who rule over menstrual discharge, and Venus, karaka for ovaries, all are heavily afflicted by strong Saturn and Rahu and are in sixth house from lagna. These indicate trouble and pain in menstrual discharge and also diseases connecting uterus and ovaries.

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Menstrual Disorder – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

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  1. Sir, my wife has quite fast cycle of her menstrual periods, on almost 20-21th day every time and runs for 5-6 days min. Can you please look at her birth chart and advise a remedy or solution?

    Her birth detail : 24/01/1978, 11:10am at Bantva (Gj).

    Kindly help.

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